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The Legacy of L.L. McAllister, Burlington Photographer

Friday, April 17th, 2009

Chris Burns and Prudence Doherty

Sunday, April 19, 2009, 2:00 pm, Fleming Museum Auditorium, University of Vermont

L.L. McAllister

For 60 years, Louis L. McAllister photographed people, places and events in the Burlington area.  The extraordinary McAllister archive at the University of Vermont’s Special Collections contains thousands of images dating from the early 1900s into the 1960s.  Librarians Chris Burns and Prudence Doherty will talk about McAllister’s life and show examples of his photographs.  They will also preview the new McAllister digital collection available through the Center for Digital Initiatives.

Cosponsored by the Chittenden County Historical Society.  Free and open to the public.

New Book and DVD Highlights

Thursday, April 16th, 2009

The UVM Libraries’ new book list is updated weekly. Subscribe via RSS feed to subjects that interest you.

Farm Sanctuary cover Farm Sanctuary : changing hearts and minds about animals and food by Gene Baur

“In 1986, Gene Baur co-founded Farm Sanctuary, a group opposed to factory farming and dedicated to cruelty-free living and providing refuge to weak and sickly animals abused or rejected by slaughterhouses. The group has two farms; one in upstate New York and one north of Sacramento. Each has more than a dozen barns and hundreds of acres of pasture.” –Los Angeles Times

“Factory farms subvert democracy and are some of the nation’s worst polluters. This book shows how they also treat animals with unspeakable cruelty. Farm Sanctuary is a compelling testament to the need to civilize this industry and end its radical practices for producing meat, dairy, and eggs.” -Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Preview the book on Google.

Watch a video about Farm Sanctuary and the book:

Critical Perspectives on Bell Hooks cover Critical perspectives on Bell Hooks edited by Maria del Guadalupe Davidson and George Yancy.

“Although bell hooks has long challenged the dominant paradigms of race, class, and gender, there has never been a comprehensive book critically reflecting upon this seminal scholar’s body of work. Her written works aim to transgress and disrupt those codes that exclude others as intellectually mediocre, and hooks’ challenge to various hegemonic practices has heavily influenced scholars in numerous areas of inquiry. This important resource thematically examines hooks’ works across various disciplinary divides, including her critique on educational theory and practice, theorization of racial construction, dynamics of gender, and spirituality and love as correctives in postmodern life.” –Publishers information

Preview this book at Taylor & Francis.

Watch bell hooks talk about cultural criticism and transformation:

Confessions of a Mullah Warrior book cover Confessions of a mullah warrior by Masood Farivar

“In this earnest bildungsroman, Farivar tells the remarkable tale of how he went from Afghan refugee to resistance fighter to Harvard University student. Fleeing the increasing violence and political instability in Afghanistan during the Soviet occupation, the author and his family escaped to Pakistan-and the hardships and alienation of refugee life. The young Farivar entered a madrassa where he studied the Koran intensively and became a devout Muslim. Eventually deciding he had a duty to return to Afghanistan to fight, he left his family to embrace jihad against the occupying Soviet troops. While serving on the front lines, Farivar continued “brushing up on [his] Pythagorean theorems, among other things” in preparation for the SAT and made his way to an American prep school and later, Harvard.” –Publishers Weekly

Preview this book on Google.

Read an interview with author Massod Farivar in The Boston Globe.

Milk DVD cover Milk [videorecording] written by Dustin Lance Black, directed by Gus Van Sant

“Director Gus Van Sant uses the account of one of the country’s first openly gay public officials, who was assassinated in 1978, to invest the gay rights movement with mythic grandeur, as a successor to all the heroic social protest movements in American history.” -Mick LaSalle, San Francisco Chronicle

“[Its] power lies in its uncanny balancing of nuance and scale, its ability to be about nearly everything — love, death, politics, sex, modernity — without losing sight of the intimate particulars of its story. Harvey Milk was an intriguing, inspiring figure. “Milk” is a marvel.” –A. O. Scott, New York Times

Watch the Milk trailer:

Climate Planning for Campuses: A How to Guide

Monday, April 13th, 2009


The Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education released Climate Planning for Campuses, a guide in the form of a moderated wiki. Users can submit suggestions and revisions to help the guide evolve over time.

Topics addressed include greenhouse gas mitigation strategies, determining carbon footprint, project evaluation practices, and public engagement.

This resource will be of use to students, faculty, and administrators who are working to ensure green campuses.

Read more at Inside Higher Ed.

Major Classics Resource Now Online

Thursday, April 9th, 2009

Acropolis Museum, Athens

The UVM Libraries now offer an online subscription to L’Année Philologique, the most comprehensive index to scholarly work about ancient Greece and Rome. Topics covered include history, mythology, religion, linguistics, literature, and archaeology.

L’Année Philologique indexes journal articles, books, conference proceedings, essays, and book reviews. The works cited appear in many languages—in some instances the abstract may be in a different language from the work itself. Unlike some other databases, L’Année Philologique provides references to major works, rather than full-text. You will have to use other tools, such as the library catalog, to track down the work cited.

The print version of L’Année Philologique takes the form of an annual index that dates back to 1924, and can be found in the Bailey/Howe reference collection. The online version begins in 1949, with older volumes being added retroactively each year.

For further assistance with this valuable resource, feel free to Ask a Librarian, or see the following tutorials, developed at other colleges and universities:




Photo is by templar1307 and is used in accordance with Creative Commons.

Take the Library User Survey

Monday, April 6th, 2009

Studying in Bailey/Howe

The University Libraries care about what you think. We want your voice to be at the heart of our planning and assessment efforts.

Please participate in a very important electronic survey that will help us learn how our user community views library services, and benchmark our collection, services, and facilities with other libraries. Sample responses indicate it takes approximately 10 minutes to complete this survey. Your investment of time now will be greatly appreciated.

We would appreciate it if you would complete the online survey at http://library.uvm.edu/surveys/ now, or within the next few days.

This survey is important because it will:

  • *Help us understand how the UVM community rates library services.
  • *Allow us to compare results with other academic research libraries.
  • *Make sure your voice is heard in library planning.
  • *Let us implement changes based on your needs.

We’re providing the opportunity for survey participants to win prizes. If you choose, you can enter a drawing for over a dozen gift certificates to the UVM Bookstore and Computer Depot, ranging in value from $100 to $10.

We hope you will choose to respond. If you participate, your responses will be held in confidence. No identifying links between responses and the individual responding will be retained. The survey is called LibQUAL+ (TM) and is being administered by the Association of Research Libraries. If you have any difficulty in accessing or taking the survey, please contact Selene Colburn at Selene.Colburn@uvm.edu.

Thank you for your time. Your opinion matters!

Oxford Library works on Google Books

Friday, April 3rd, 2009

Bodleian Library crest

Google Books recently completed scanning hundreds of thousands of nineteenth-century public domain books from Oxford University’s Bodleian Library, a project which began in 2004.

“From English to German, to Spanish and French, most of the digitized works date from the 19th century and range from classic literature to more scientific volumes in fields including Geography, Philosophy or Anthropology. Among some of the works now available through Book Search, you can find the first English translation of Newton’s Mathematical principles of natural philosophy from 1729, the first edition of Jane Austen’s Emma, and John Cassell’s Illustrated History of England. You can search and read the full text of these works on Google Book Search, and download and print a pdf if you wish to.” –Inside Google Book Search

History of England illustration

Images include jeffreykeefer’s Bodleian Library, Oxford (used in accordance with the Creative Commons license) and an illustration from John Cassell’s Illustrated History of England.

Celebrate Grilled Cheese Month

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

Yummiest grilled cheese sandwich ever...

You can look at April a few different ways. Maybe, as T. S. Eliot assures us in The Waste Land, “April is the cruelest month, breeding/Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing/Memory and desire, stirring/Dull roots with spring rain.” Or maybe April is simply National Grilled Cheese month, with all the warm, gooey goodness that implies.

Ready to make the perfect sandwich? Brush up on local cheese options:

Cheese of Vermont book cover The cheeses of Vermont : a gourmet guide to Vermont’s artisanal cheesemakers by Henry Tewksbury

Vermont Cheese Book cover The Vermont cheese book by Ellen Ecker Ogden

Or take it one step further and make your own cheese:

Cheesemaking Made Easy book cover Cheesemaking made easy : 60 delicious varieties by Ricki and Robert Carroll

American Farmstand Cheese book cover American farmstead cheese : the complete guide to making and selling artisan cheeses by Paul Kindstedt ; with the Vermont Cheese Council

Need recipes?

How to Cook Everything book coverHow to cook everything : 2,000 simple recipes for great food by Mark Bittman

Find more recipes for everything from apple and aged cheddar to banana and fromage blanc at Chow.

Too busy/lazy/challenged in the kitchen to make you own?

Feel Good, the student-run non-profit that donates its proceeds to The Hunger Project, grills up sandwiches in the Davis Center on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday from 11:00 a.m.–3:00 p.m.

Grilled Cheese on Dark Rye

Photographs are by faeryboots and talekinker and are used in accordance with the Creative Commons license.

Model for the Libraries’ “Ask” Campaign

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009

Ask models

Want to be a model for the Libraries’ “Ask” campaign? Come to a photo shoot on Thursday, April 2nd between 11:00AM and noon, in the Bailey/Howe Library’s Cyber Café.

See previous models on Flickr.

Join the UVM Libraries Top Models Facebook Group for future updates.