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Expanded Access to Dermatology Diagnostic Tool

Dana Medical Library recently purchased an expanded license for VisualDx, a dermatological diagnostic clinical tool, making it available to both UVM and FAHC affiliates. It is web-based and can be used on a desktop, laptop, mobile phone or tablet. See our mobile guide for more information. The photographs and images in VisualDx can also be used in presentations for educational purposes.

What’s that rash?

VisualDx is a diagnostic clinical decision support system that leverages the ability to recognize visual patterns to assist healthcare providers in making faster, more accurate diagnoses. VisualDx combines high-quality, peer-reviewed medical images and concise, actionable information to support physicians in the accurate recognition and management of disease. Health care professionals can input visual clues, symptoms, and patient history to help make the correct diagnosis at the point of care.

VisualDx can also speed up recognition and diagnosis of medication-induced conditions, and provides adverse events decision support for hospitals and medical centers. Its knowledge database covers over 100 medication reactions, all linked to PubMed (MEDLINE) evidence. Users can search by medication and see images of drug reactions, along with literature evidence documenting each association, and access management and therapy guidelines.

VisualDx Features


Differential builder

Select a clinical scenario and enter patient symptoms to build a contextualized, patient-relevant differential diagnosis. The Quick Start function guides the user to enter the patient factors relevant to the problem at hand, or alternatively, one can simply type in the patient symptoms or other relevant findings.
See how the VisualDx Differential Builder works.


Diagnosis search

Search a diagnosis to access disease images and pithy clinical information. Each diagnosis topic contains a clickable differential list allowing the user to go back and forth between diagnostic summaries and images. Search functionality includes type-ahead-find, diagnosis synonymy, key words, and text search. In addition, the synopses provide ICD codes, references, and a list of associated findings such as signs, medications, exposures, medical history, and more.
See how VisualDx Diagnosis Search works.


Medication adverse events

Search by medication to view adverse conditions that may be caused by a specific drug. Results provide images of medication-induced eruptions and include literature evidence documenting each association, as well as management and therapy guidelines.
See how VisualDx Medication Adverse Events works.

Try out VisualDx for yourself, and let us know if we can help you in any way: danaref@uvm.edu or 802-656-2201.