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Problems accessing what you need? Let us know!

Sometimes publishers don’t include all the articles from the print journal in the online version, or a whole issue is missing. Maybe you know we subscribe to an electronic journal but you just can’t get into it. And sometimes whole databases experience technical difficulties.

Problems accessing content online occur much more frequently than we would like. But, fortunately, we’re here to help!

Our first priority is to get you the content you need. If you have any problems, contact the reference desk at 656-2201 or danaref@uvm.edu. If it is after reference desk hours (M-F, 10-4), you can contact the circulation desk at 656-2200, who will also try to assist you. If we can’t access the content either, we will try to get it for you as quickly as possible through our Document Delivery and InterLibrary Loan departments.

The second step is to correct the problem so other people don’t have a similar experience. We always report difficulties to our technical services department who works hard to resolve the problem with the publisher or vendor.

There’s also something YOU can do: if you’re having difficulties accessing articles, electronic journals, databases, or e-books, the Libraries want to hear from you. An online form allows you to report problems directly to the e-resource troubleshooting team, who will work to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

Help us improve our services by reporting any and all problems you have!

dieselbug2007’s frustration self-portrait used in accordance with the Creative Commons license.