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New Public Access Policy for the AHRQ

CaptureThe Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) has announced a policy for public access to research papers and data. This will require accepted article manuscripts from funded authors to be deposited to PubMed Central (PMC) within a year of publication.

According to the AHRQ website, “This policy will be effective for research funded in February 2015. AHRQ will solicit contract proposals and fund a commercial repository by October 2015. Beginning October 2015, AHRQ will require all researchers to submit data in digital format to the commercial repository.”

For more information, head over to The Scholarly Kitchen or The Agency for Research and Quality website

Collective Discussion through Journal Clubs

121-activelearningPubMed Commons, the pilot commenting system for authors in PubMed announces a new feature: Journal Clubs. By allowing participants (researchers, physicians, and trainees) to share views on methods, interpret results, and discuss how publications fit into their own research, PubMed Commons Journal Clubs encourage global engagement on scholarly literature through face to face meetings and on social media platforms.


University of Vermont Professor Gary Ward (Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics) is a member of an external group providing feedback for PubMed Commons. He believes these journal clubs have the ability to offer more to the scientific community.

Journal club accounts are open to those discussing research literature in graduate, post graduate, and continuing professional education, and applicants need to be supported by members who participate in group discussions. The journal club, according to the PubMed Commons Team, “can represent a major intellectual investment – and a long-standing form of post-publication evaluation.” For more information on PubMed Journals, please head over to the PubMed Commons Blog.

UVM College of Medicine Graduate Student Research Day

The UVM College of Medicine Graduate Student Research Day will be held on Thursday, October 14, 2010 in the Health Sciences Research Facility (HSRF). Faculty, staff, friends, students and alumni are invited to join the College of Medicine community in celebrating the achievements of its graduate students and graduate alumni.

Graduate students in the College of Medicine and associated graduate programs will present their work in both poster and oral sessions to showcase the quality of their research projects to the College of Medicine Community.

The 2010 Graduate Alumni Award will be presented to recognize the achievements of Dr. Brooke Mossman, Professor of Pathology, whose dedication as both a scientist and mentor serve as an inspiration to our entire community.

For more information and to register contact medalumni.relations@uvm.edu.

Student Faculty Research by Gettysburg College, used in accordance with Creative Commons.

NIH RePORTer Replaces CRISP Database

The NIH RePORTer (Research Portfolio Online Reporting Tools) can be used to locate reports, data, and analyses of NIH Research Projects. The RePORTer website describes the tool:

To provide NIH stakeholders with quick and easy access to basic information on NIH programs, the NIH has created a single repository of reports, data and analyses, along with several tools for searching this database. A common classification scheme based on the traditional NIH budget categories is used to group similar reports. Several different filters can be applied to find information specific to a particular NIH Institute or Center, funding mechanism or topic of interest.

For more information about how to search this comprehensive database, see the FAQ section.

Upcoming Workshop: Create a Scholarly Poster


Review the details of creating a poster using PowerPoint, including size, color, text, illustrations, and printing options. Share tricks for adding pizazz to your poster.

November 18, 2009
Dana Main Conference Room

No need to register, just show up.

Questions? Contact the Reference Desk at 656-2201 or danaref@uvm.edu.

BioX Poster Session by StanfordEdTech used under the Creative Commons License.

Call for Collection Proposals


The UVM Libraries’ Center for Digital Initiatives makes unique research collections available online. This digital library offers powerful search and browse capabilities and accepts a variety of formats − from film to books to born-digital files. Now that we’ve established this infrastructure, we want to expand CDI collections so that our users are better served.

The library’s goal is for CDI users to participate as creators of digital research collections in an open, collaborative environment. We are happy to announce that faculty, students, and staff may now propose collection ideas.

The Center for Digital Initiatives can help you by:

* Providing online access to new teaching collections

* Collaborating on course assignments which use our collections

* Creating collections which support faculty research and department strengths

* Engaging students in research projects and digital curation

If you have any questions about the CDI’s new collection proposal process, feel free to contact Robin M. Katz, Digital Initiatives Outreach Librarian at robin.katz@uvm.edu or (802) 656-3292.

Submit a collection proposal here.