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Who is a Medical/Health Sciences Graduate Student?

Study Seat Sign 1

From the Director:

During University exam period this past December 2013, a student wrote in the Comment Book:

Can you make sure there is room for Med students in the back part of the Library?

The writer of the comment was referring to the area at the front south end of the Dana Library that is reserved for medical, nursing and health sciences, and bio-medical graduate students. It’s true that the Library staff do not actively police the area or ask for ID’s.  But perhaps some inter-disciplinary introductions and clarification would help.  An unfamiliar person sitting near you in the area may indeed be a graduate student.

So who are the graduate students and their programs  in the biomedical and health sciences disciplines and clinical professions at UVM’s College of Medicine and College of Nursing & Health Sciences that should be studying in this area of the Library? Here is a list:

Medical Student Education (MD)
Graduate Medical Education (post-MD)
Cell, Molecular and Biological Sciences-CMBS (PhD)
Neuroscience (PhD)
Public Health (MA)
Clinical and Translational Science (MS,PhD)
Communication Science and Disorders (MS)
Nursing (MS-CNL, MS-NP, DNP)
Physical Therapy (DPT)
and Graduate Certificate in Post-Bacc Pre-Med (enrolled).

Consider saying hello to another person sitting near you in the med/ grad area. You may have more in common than you think.

If you have concerns about studying in this or any other area of the Library please let a member of the staff know so we may address it. Please leave your name and contact information.

Marianne Burke

Director, Dana Medical Library