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Therapy Dog Visit

TuckerTucker the therapy dog from the UVM Living Well program will be visiting Dana on Friday, June 12 from noon to 1 pm. Stop by for some stress relief and tail wags. Hosted by the Dana Library in conjunction with the College of Medicine.

Therapy dogs are trained to provide comfort and kindness to all individuals. Studies have shown that spending even a short amount of time with an animal may significantly decrease one’s overall anxiety level.

Photo of Tucker courtesy of Living Well.

The Funding Publication Series at the Dana Medical Library

classroom 006

Gary Atwood, MLS will be presenting the Dana Medical Library’s Funding to Publication series which has been updated with some classic workshops and has added new ones on data management and journal publishing. Everything kicks off on September 9th & 10th with Nancy Bianchi’s “Which MedLine Should I Use? Finding the Best Fit” workshop. The rest of the schedule includes:

Sept.16 & 17 – Finding Grant Opportunities: The Search Process with Hilda Alajajian, MLS
Learn how to use Pivot to identify potential funding opportunities, set up automated funding alerts, and find collaborators. We will also highlight other grantsmanship tools available for UVM faculty and students.

Sept. 23 & 24 – Managing References with EndNote with Gary Atwood, MSLIS
Learn to create an EndNote library, download and organize records from online databases, and insert citations directly into a manuscript. Designed for new EndNote users.

Sept. 30 & Oct. 1 – The Simplified Data Management Plan with Donna O’Malley, MLS
Examine the recommended elements of a data management plan and review resources at UVM that can help with data management planning. Sample data management plans will be provided.

Oct. 7 &8 – Journal Publishing with Donna O’Malley, MLS
Learn how to find and evaluate journals for publishing your research. Attendees should bring a research topic of interest to the workshop.

Registration is required for all workshops. Please fill out the form located at http://go.uvm.edu/ujwxf. If you have more questions about Funding to Publication or library workshops in general, please contact Gary Atwood at gatwood@uvm.edu or (802) 656-4488.

Items You Can Borrow From the Dana Medical Library


Borrowing items from the Library can help you out when you have forgotten your gear at home.
Our Library staff members can help with assorted items that you might need. We offer the following list :

White Boards and markers
Book Stands
Ethernet cords
Power Cords for your laptop
A pen for your Notebook
A computer mouse

All of these items are ready, available and easy to sign out. Please ask about any of these items at the Circulation desk.

– For more information contact the Circulation Desk at 802-656-2200.

Who is a Medical/Health Sciences Graduate Student?

Study Seat Sign 1

From the Director:

During University exam period this past December 2013, a student wrote in the Comment Book:

Can you make sure there is room for Med students in the back part of the Library?

The writer of the comment was referring to the area at the front south end of the Dana Library that is reserved for medical, nursing and health sciences, and bio-medical graduate students. It’s true that the Library staff do not actively police the area or ask for ID’s.  But perhaps some inter-disciplinary introductions and clarification would help.  An unfamiliar person sitting near you in the area may indeed be a graduate student.

So who are the graduate students and their programs  in the biomedical and health sciences disciplines and clinical professions at UVM’s College of Medicine and College of Nursing & Health Sciences that should be studying in this area of the Library? Here is a list:

Medical Student Education (MD)
Graduate Medical Education (post-MD)
Cell, Molecular and Biological Sciences-CMBS (PhD)
Neuroscience (PhD)
Public Health (MA)
Clinical and Translational Science (MS,PhD)
Communication Science and Disorders (MS)
Nursing (MS-CNL, MS-NP, DNP)
Physical Therapy (DPT)
and Graduate Certificate in Post-Bacc Pre-Med (enrolled).

Consider saying hello to another person sitting near you in the med/ grad area. You may have more in common than you think.

If you have concerns about studying in this or any other area of the Library please let a member of the staff know so we may address it. Please leave your name and contact information.

Marianne Burke

Director, Dana Medical Library

Letter to Medical and Health Sciences Students

We know that study space is a problem for medical and health science students at UVM. We share the concerns of graduate students in the MD, MePN, MSN,DPT, MS/CSD programs, and those in graduate research programs, who have not had study seats available to them during the crowded University exam periods. We have also heard the concerns of undergraduates in Nursing, Rehabilitation & Movement Science, Medical Laboratory & Radiation Science, and Communication Sciences & Disorders who have also experienced this crowding, and we want to assure you that there is study space at Dana for you as well.

At Dana Library, we want to maintain as much study space as possible for our primary student groups. To that end, Dana library has established a reserved medical and graduate student study area. The area contains 26 table seats and six lounge chairs and it is located in the front-side, south end of the Library. Medical and graduate students in College of Medicine and College of Nursing and Health Sciences (CNHS) programs are welcome to study in this area. The remaining study seats at tables and carrels are available to CNHS undergraduates and others on an open seating basis. UVM faculty, FAHC residents and attending physicians, nurses, and other professional staff also appropriately conduct study and research in the Library.

To reduce the incentive for students in non-CNHS undergraduate general enrollment classes to study at Dana, we will no longer have reading materials on reserve for those classes. However, all reading materials associated with programs in CNHS will still be available at Dana.

While providing quiet study space is an important Library service, other teaching, learning, and research activities of the Academic Health Center and the University take place at Dana Library. Activities such as finding and checking out books, using electronic information sources, consultation with a librarian, and attending classes taught by the librarians on information competency and evidence-based practice are important uses of Library space. We hope you will find the physical library a great place to study, but also take advantage of the many other services the Library offers both in the building, and online at the Dana website: library.uvm.edu/dana.

Please let us know your comments and concerns, and give us your feedback concerning study seating at Dana Medical Library, including the new Med/Grad study space.

Wishing you success with your course of study and career,

Marianne Burke, MLS AHIP

Director, Dana Medical Library

Anatomy Website




Created by Professor Robert Whitaker, this website was designed to teach students about anatomy. Visitors to the site will find a range of materials, including diagrams, illustrations, quizzes, tips, mnemonics, and so on. On the homepage, visitors will find a What’s New area, which includes podcasts that deal with subjects such as the small muscles of the hand and the anatomy of the posterior forearm. Other sections on the homepage include Head & Neck, Thorax, Abdomen, Arm, and Leg. Each of these sections includes dozens of illustrations, along with some useful Brain Training Games. These games are designed to increase comprehension of the materials covered in each area. Moving on, the Lectures area includes talks such as “Parasympathetic Supply of the Head,” “Cortical Control of Cranial Nerves,” and several others. The site is rounded out by a collection of iPhone and iPad apps, along with a set of detailed flash cards.

USMLE Books May Leave the Library

In response to requests from students, USMLE books (located near the New Book shelf and newspapers) may now leave the library. These items can be borrowed just like Reserve items: the books can leave the library for 2 hours, be renewed once and may be borrowed overnight if charged within 2 hours of closing. They would be due the next morning within a half hour of opening.