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Walk-in Service at the Library Research Annex Ends

Walk-in service at the Library Research Annex will no longer be available as of August 29, 2011.

You can continue to request journals, monographs, and theses and dissertations that are located at the LRA through the library catalog.

Please contact Special Collections (656-2138) for information about University Archives and Special Collections materials housed in the LRA.

Delivery of LRA Requests Might Encounter Delays

Beginning on Thursday, July 13, 2011, through the end of July, the delivery of article requests submitted to the LRA (Library Research Annex) might be delayed. Bailey/Howe Library is working with a contractor to move library materials from Cook/Chemistry Library to the LRA and Bailey/Howe. During this move, staff might not have access to the journal collection at the LRA. Staff will do whatever they can to expedite delivery of items; nevertheless, there will be delays. Please contact Paul Philbin, Director of Access, Technology and Media Services with questions at (802) 656-1369 or by email. Apologies for any inconvenience.