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Get Help with Bibliographies

editing a paper

Want help creating bibliographies as you work on those final research papers?

The UVM Libraries offer support for a number of tools that will help you organize references and produce bibliographies.

These software products will do a lot of the work for you, outputting your bibliography in the citation format of your choice (e.g. MLA, Chicago, APA).


A program UVM affiliates can download.

Introduction to EndNote [Bailey/Howe]

Endnote and EndNoteWeb Resource Guide [Dana Medical Library]

For help, contact laura.haines@uvm.edu.


A web-based program for UVM affiliates.

Introduction to RefWorks

For help, contact elizabeth.berman@uvm.edu.


A free plug-in for your Firefox browser, that anyone can use.

Introduction to Zotero

For help, contact daisy.benson@uvm.edu.


To learn more about, and compare, the features of all three products, see Introduction to Managing Information.

Editing a paper photograph by Nic’s events used in accordance with the Creative Commons license.

Beat End of the Semester Stress


Librarians can help you locate articles, find books, and format citations.

The UVM Libraries have 1.5 million printed books and journals, and thousands of electronic resources — we know it can sometimes be hard to find the right information for your projects.

Working with a librarian can help you to save time and find the best sources for your assignments.

We’ll work with you in-person, by phone, by email, or via instant messaging.

Ask a Librarian!

Ask a Health Sciences Librarian!


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