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Document Delivery Fee Changes

Document Delivery is a service whereby journal articles requested from our library collection will be located and delivered to you by email, campus mail, fax, or for pick up in the library. Recently Document Delivery has changed its fee structure. Dana Document Delivery now charges $5.00 per article. It does not matter whether the article is available electronically or in print. This fee is waived for 5 requests in a month. Your 6th request in a month will invoke the fee for each article; if you request more than 5 articles in a month, Dana will charge you for ALL articles requested in that month. Please see the full Document Delivery policy for more information.

Most online journal articles can be easily found by library patrons, while others are difficult to find. For assistance locating online journal articles yourself, which will result in faster access for you in the long run, please see Dana’s e-journal help guide or contact us.

And, don’t forget: If Dana does not have access to a journal article you need, Interlibrary Loan can borrow it from other libraries. Dana Medical Library provides 25 free Interlibrary loans per semester to UVM faculty and staff and FAHC affiliates. After this, there is a $5.00 per item charge. See the full Interlibrary Loan policy for more details.

Can’t get it online? Or not willing to pay $35 for the privilege?

If UVM does not have online access to a particular journal article, and it is not in UVM libraries, Dana Library Interlibrary Loan staff can get the article for you, often within a day or two.

Usually journal articles are delivered to you as PDFs attached to an email message. You can also order books that UVM does not own, which will then be available to you for three weeks. This service is free for UVM and FAHC staff, faculty and students.

In FY09 the Dana Medical Library obtained over 3,000 journal articles and books through interlibrary loan (ILL). One satisfied customer reports that “The turn-around times on ILL material and helpfulness of the staff are truly outstanding and again, my research productivity has been the beneficiary.” Fill out the ILL form, find out more in our ILL FAQ or email questions to danaill@uvm.edu.