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Trip Database


Trip (Turning Research Into Practice) Database

Trip is a FREE clinical search engine designed to allow users to find and use high-quality research evidence to support their practice and/or care. As well as research evidence the database also allows clinicians to search across other content types including images, videos, patient information leaflets, educational courses and news.

A special algorithm for listing results

The algorithm uses three main factors when deciding the position of particular search results:

Text score. If a search term is in the title of the document it scores more highly than if it only appears in the body of the text. If it only appears once in a thousand word document it scores less than if it appears twenty times.

Publication score. Trip is unique in using a publication score, based on quality, to help order results. So, a high quality resource (such as Cochrane) will have a higher score than say the BMJ and this again will score more highly than an eTextbook.

Date. The more recent the document the higher the score.

These three elements are combined to give each document a score. The document with the highest score appears at the top of the results.

Registering as a user

There are many benefits to registering (for free) to Trip, including:

Keeping up to date with new research based on your clinical specialty and/or specific topics of interest. Each month, Trip identifies new content focused on your interests and emails these to you.

UVM/FAHC has registered with Trip so that you can easily access your institution’s full-text holdings via Trip.

Many clinicians find it useful to keep a record of activity they have spent on Trip. This may be for CPD/CME purposes or simple curiosity.

Trip is currently planning a number of new features that are based on a user’s history of usage. So, by registering Trip creators can start to better learn how you use Trip, which will better serve your future information/evidence needs.

To register, click on the green Sign up button in the upper right-hand corner of the home screen. You will be asked to give your email address, pick a password, and give information about your interests and specialty.

Once you have logged in, you can control your settings. Under “Your institutions,” choose University of Vermont. You will now see this designation, “Full Text: University of Vermont,” and be able to access the full text of our holdings.

If you have any questions about using Trip or customizing its interface, do not hesitate to contact us at danaref@uvm.edu or 656-2201.