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Document Delivery: Your Go-To Resource for Article and Book Chapter Retrieval

Now that the print journals and most books have moved off site, it can be a challenge to locate the journal article or chapter that you need. The Dana staff are available to find it for you and send it to you. On weekdays, our Document Delivery office will usually have what you need within 24 hours of your request. Click Document Delivery under ‘Services’ on the website to start your request.

How to get started
Requests are made by filling out the online form, sending an email, phoning (802) 656-4382 or sending a fax to (802) 656-0762. Normal turnaround time is 24 hours. Large requests, inaccurate or incomplete citations may result in the request taking longer. Rush delivery is available with time permitting. Articles may be delivered to you via e-mail, campus mail, fax, or you can ask to be notified to pick them up in print at the library.

Document Delivery Specifics
Document Delivery (Electronic Article Delivery) is a service that locates, scans and emails articles and book chapters from Dana Medical Library’s book and journal collections, both print and electronic.

If you need a chapter from a print textbook that is currently located in off-site storage (e.i. at the LRA or Williston Annex, as indicated in our catalog), you don’t have to wait for the book to be sent here so that you can photocopy/scan the chapter you want. Let us do the work for you! Simply fill out the online Document Delivery request form, and we’ll make sure you get a PDF of the chapter(s) you need sent directly to your email.

Document Delivery is free to UVM health, biomedical, and medical students, and to University of Vermont Medical Center Residents and Fellows for articles requested from our print and electronic collections.

Dana’s Document Delivery department charges $5.00 per article/chapter requested from our electronic collection to UVM faculty and staff, and to University of Vermont Medical Center employees. This fee is waived for 5 requests per month. For requests of more than 5 articles per month, Dana will charge for ALL articles requested in that month.

Who can request Document Delivery? Anyone affiliated with UVM or the University of Vermont Medical Center can use Document Delivery. Others can contact us for specifics. Contact us with any questions or suggestions at 656-4382.

Hear what our patrons are saying about Document Delivery:
“The DD/ILL does an excellent job sleuthing hard-to-find documents, with a short turnaround time. My expectations are high … DD/ILL meets my research needs”
– John McPartland, Family Medicine

“I have been involved in several intensive research projects that require obtaining a large number of articles from the peer reviewed literature. Those that I can’t obtain myself through membership organizations … I request through the Dana Document Delivery/Interlibrary Loan Department. They offer a very rapid turn around and have yet to not fill one of my many requests – even for articles in very obscure journals! I could not do my work adequately without their help.”
– John Searles, Vermont Department of Health, Health Research Affiliate

Dana’s E-book Collection Has Grown!

The Dana Medical Library has been purchasing e-books for several years, both in collections such as Access Medicine, Clinical Key, and Ovid, and individually. Many titles have unlimited simultaneous users, while a few have single-user licenses.  All e-books are found in CatQuest by conducting a search by title. As shown with the following graph, Dana’s e-book collection has increased dramatically in the last few years due to these purchases:

E-books have the advantage of being available 24X7, take up no space in the library, and many have features like downloading to personal tablets and phones. In the last twelve months, over 40, 000 total “views” were logged in various e-books! The following table shows Dana’s top 15 most-accessed e-books:

For more information, Contact Dana Librarian Jeanene Light, MLS, Head of Collections Development, at 656-0521.

UVM Libraries’ CATQuest: Your Print and Electronic Resources Discovery Tool

The library catalog CATQuest makes it easy to find resources while Dana’s book collection is off-site. Whether you are looking for a print book, a chapter from a book, an e-book, or a journal article, CATQuest is the first step to getting what you need.

For books and journals that are stored off-site, we retrieve, scan and send copies of articles and book chapters from our print collection. If you need the entire book, request it through CATQuest and pick it up at the library. Look for the “Request from Annex” button in CATQuest. Over 6,000 print books were checked out from Dana in 2015-2016.

There are over 2,000 electronic books in medical, nursing, and heath professional topics in the CATQuest database. UVM students, staff and faculty and UVM Medical Center employees can access the online collections from anywhere, anytime, no need to request.

Even though there are no book shelves in the library, you can still browse! CATQuest has a special feature that allows you to browse electronically. Click on the ‘Virtual Browse’ tab, when searching the Library Catalog in CATQuest, to see other titles in the same call number range.

Where to look for “Virtual Browse”: Go to the Dana Webpage, click on CATQuest in the top toolbar, type in your subject heading and click on “Virtual Browse”.

So whatever you are looking for, start with CATQuest. For additional help, please contact the Main Desk by phone at 656-2200, email, or in person.

Improved Access to Medical Journals?


The Dana Medical Library is trialing the new interface BrowZine for accessing e-journals. If you’re planning to read any journals online over the next couple of weeks, please give BrowZine a try and let us know what you think!

Connect to BrowZine to use it in a web browser. Also, create an account and download the app from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store or Amazon App Store. With BrowZine, you can:

  • Browse and read journals: Browse by subject, review tables of contents, and link to and download full articles.
  • Stay Current with My Bookshelf: Create a personal bookshelf of titles to follow and receive new article notifications.
  • Access on any device: Access BrowZine from your iOS and Android device and on the web to stay up to date wherever you are. It was originally developed for mobile devices, so it works really well on them.
  • Save and export articles: Use the BrowZine app to save articles for off-line reading or export to services such as DropBox, Mendeley, RefWorks, EndNote, Zotero, Papers and more.


Your feedback could include responses to these questions:
Did you try the desktop or mobile version, or both?
How straightforward is it to access journals in your field currently and would BrowZine make a difference?
Did BrowZine allow you to do anything new and useful?
What are the drawbacks of BrowZine?

Other feedback would also be welcome. We’d like to make a decision about purchasing this product in the next two weeks, so responses before December 20 would be most welcome. Questions about this trial? Contact Donna O’Malley at 656-4415.

EndNote Workshop offered at Dana Medical Library

EndNote: Tips & Tricks
November 30, Noon – 1:00 pm
Join us for a post-Thanksgiving break workshop on EndNote! In this workshop, we’ll explore some of the more sophisticated features of this powerful reference management software. Instructor: Gary Atwood, MSLIS

Workshops are open to all UVM and University of Vermont Medical Center students, staff, and faculty. Unless otherwise noted, preregistration is not required. Questions about any of our workshops? Not affiliated with UVM or University of Vermont Medical Center? Please contact Frances Delwiche at (802) 656-4423.

RENOVATIONS UPDATE: Learn What’s Happening Next at Dana

As preparations for library renovations continue, there are some dates that you should keep in mind when using the library.

So far, here is what has happened:
The books have been removed from the library but are still available by request.
Shelving has been dismantled: the compact shelving in the north rear section of the library has been taken apart. The pieces are being stored in the library temporarily.
Furniture from the middle rear section of the library has been moved in preparation for HVAC work.
Dana has a new study area created from a space at the north end of the library. Follow the signs!
The Brickyard quiet study area is now open as an alternative place for studying.
NEW! The new demountable walls have been completed. This consists of a wall to the right of the New Books shelf in the middle rear of the library and another wall just past the Document Delivery/ Interlibrary Loan Office in the south rear section of the library. The section between these 2 walls will be the future quiet study area. The walls are glass with chair rail and baseboards with power and outlets every 6 feet.

Timeline of what is to come:
Jan 13: Photocopiers that are located in the back of the library (in the area that will soon be the new quiet study area) will be relocated outside of this new quiet room.
Jan 15: This is the target date for the furniture to be moved into the new quiet study area.
Jan 30: Removal of furniture from north rear end of library.
Feb 8 – May 5: Primary time of Construction

Please contact Dana Medical Library Director Marianne Burke at 656-3483 with any questions or concerns regarding the renovations timeline.
Need assistance finding information for your research, classes or patients, or a place to study? Please talk to the wonderful staff at the Main Desk, 656-2200. They are ready to help you any time!

Dana Library would like YOUR input in a trial of the online tool, APA Style Central

Dana Medical Library is currently running a trial of the APA Style Central. APA Style Central is an online tool that shows faculty, students, and researchers how to properly cite resources in APA format through a series of quick guides, tutorials, and self-quizzes. For example, let’s say that you need to cite something from a YouTube video. A quick look at the Sample Reference section will show you an example of what a properly cited reference looks like or, if you need more information, you can go to the “Audiovisual Material Reference” Quick Guide tutorial for a more in-depth explanation of what elements to include. Viewers can even save these training aids in a favorites folder for future reference.

APA Style Central includes three other modules in addition to the training center. The Research module provides an overview of how to conduct research including select texts on how to conduct research and analysis. The Write module is an online word processor that works with the other modules in APA Style Center to ensure that your paper is properly formatted. Finally, the Publish module helps researchers find journals to submit their papers to for publishing.

If you like APA Style Central and would like to see the library subscribe to it permanently, please email Gary Atwood at gatwood@uvm.edu and share your feedback. This trial runs until November 26, 2016.

Dana Medical Library Introduces New Book Retrieval Process as Collection is Moved Off-Campus


Dana Library’s books, with some exceptions, were moved to off-site locations the last weeks of September in preparation for the construction of the Larner Learning Commons which will include a recording studio, an upgraded multi-audience classroom, faculty development space, and an enclosed quiet study area for medical, nursing, and health sciences students. The most current and frequently circulated books will return to the library when construction is completed. The remainder of the books and all journal volumes will remain off-site permanently.

Library staff, resources, and services are all available, but the process of finding and checking out print books from the library has changed. Instead of going to the stacks to find items, borrowers need to identify desired books in the online catalog first. Next, they fill out an online form to request retrieval of the books from an off-site Annex. Library courier services retrieve books from their external locations and bring them to the Dana Library Monday through Friday for pick-up.

Students, faculty, and staff find e-books and all print books through the library’s discovery tools: CATQuest and the Classic Catalog, both available on the Dana Website. For best results, the Library recommends using CATQuest to get a print book. Contact the Dana Main Desk by email  or by phone at 656-2200 for assistance navigating library services.

Many books and textbooks can be accessed electronically (as e-books) through CATQuest. There are over 2,000 electronic books in medical, nursing, and heath professional topics in the database. The print texts are still wanted and used by many in our community. Over 6,000 print books were checked out from Dana in 2015-2016.

Books specifically needed for classes in medicine, nursing and health sciences are staying in the library. These include:

  • Books on Reserve for courses (ask for these at the Main Desk)
  • USMLE Board preparation books
  • Radiology textbooks
  • Recent acquisitions
  • Current issues of selected print periodicals
  • Media (DVDs)
  • The Medical History collection

The most used and recent portions of the Dana print collection will come back to the library when the construction is completed in May 2017. In the meantime, the loan period for books has been extended. All websites, electronic journals and databases are available through the Dana website , UVM Medical Center intranet, and COMET as usual.

Please stay tuned for updates on this process. For questions or concerns, contact Marianne Burke, Director, at 656-3483.


Dana’s Wednesday Workshop Explores the Topic Gray Literature


Finding Gray Literature October 12th, Noon to 1pm

The gray literature, including resources such as conference proceedings, technical reports, and government documents, can provide valuable information that isn’t found in the published journal literature. This presentation will cover the what, why, when, and how to search the gray literature. Instructors: Nancy Bianchi, MSLIS and Gary Atwood, MA, MSLIS

Workshops are open to all UVM and University of Vermont Medical Center students, staff, and faculty. Unless otherwise noted, preregistration is not required for library workshops. Workshops are held on Wednesdays in the Dana Classroom, room 108.

Questions about any of our workshops? Not affiliated with UVM or University of Vermont Medical Center? Please contact Frances Delwiche at (802) 656-4423.

How to Request a Dana Book (It’s probably not in the Library)

Because most of our books are in external storage at the moment, you will need to put in a request to get the books you need. Here is how to make a request:
Search for books using CATQuest, Classic Catalog or Dana’s Website. When you find the books you want, look for the “Request from Annex” button in RED, click on it, and complete the available form. This is how you can electronically request those books that are not in the library. There is no need to request a book in person at the library. Make the request online from anywhere.
Request submitted by 11:30 am, will be available for pick-up by 4:30 pm that same day, Monday thru Friday!

request-from-annex-screenshotIf you don’t see the “Request from Annex” button, look  to see if the book is located at the Research or Williston Annex. If this is so, from Dana’s homepage, choose “Request from Annex” under Services and complete the form.
Are you not sure where the item is? Please contact the Main Desk by phone at 656-2200, by email at dana@uvm.edu or in person.
For questions or concerns, contact Marianne Burke, Director, at 656-3483.