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Items You Can Borrow From the Dana Medical Library


Borrowing items from the Library can help you out when you have forgotten your gear at home.
Our Library staff members can help with assorted items that you might need. We offer the following list :

White Boards and markers
Book Stands
Ethernet cords
Power Cords for your laptop
A pen for your Notebook
A computer mouse

All of these items are ready, available and easy to sign out. Please ask about any of these items at the Circulation desk.

– For more information contact the Circulation Desk at 802-656-2200.

Reserve Items May Leave Library

Dana Library will begin allowing reserve items to leave the library. Patrons will be able to borrow a reserve book for 2 hours, as always, but beginning June 30th they can take the book out of the library during the day. Patrons may also borrow one reserve book overnight. Patrons may take the book within 2 hours of closing, no sooner, with the item due back within 30 minutes of opening.

Please contact Access Services if you have any questions: 656-2200.

Cool Stuff at Circ

Did you know that you can borrow a calculator, a book stand, headphones, Ethernet cords, a power cord for your laptop, a pen for your Notebook or a computer mouse from the Dana Medical Library? Ask about any of these at the Circulation desk.