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Anatomy Website




Created by Professor Robert Whitaker, this website was designed to teach students about anatomy. Visitors to the site will find a range of materials, including diagrams, illustrations, quizzes, tips, mnemonics, and so on. On the homepage, visitors will find a What’s New area, which includes podcasts that deal with subjects such as the small muscles of the hand and the anatomy of the posterior forearm. Other sections on the homepage include Head & Neck, Thorax, Abdomen, Arm, and Leg. Each of these sections includes dozens of illustrations, along with some useful Brain Training Games. These games are designed to increase comprehension of the materials covered in each area. Moving on, the Lectures area includes talks such as “Parasympathetic Supply of the Head,” “Cortical Control of Cranial Nerves,” and several others. The site is rounded out by a collection of iPhone and iPad apps, along with a set of detailed flash cards.

Picturing Medicine

An exhibit highlighting the works of two of the greatest contributors to medical illustration is now on display at the Dana Medical Library. “Picturing Medicine” spotlights the work of Andreas Vesalius, 16th century physician, anatomist and author.  Dr. Vesalius set a new standard in anatomical illustration and is the author of On the Structure of the Human Body, one of the most influential books on human anatomy.

Also highlighted in the exhibit is the artistic work of Dr. Frank Netter (1906-1991), world-renowned medical illustrator. During his lifetime, Dr. Netter produced more than 4000 illustrations, which have been published in numerous medical books and journals.

Visit the Library to view the exhibit, browse through the print resources illustrated by Dr. Netter, or to find out about new online anatomy resources available through the Library’s web site.

Colored version of 16th century illustration from On the Structure of the Human Body by Andreas Vesalius.