Dana has a New Look!

If you haven’t walked through our doors recently, you may not realize how much things have changed around here. After months of renovations, Dana is finally returning to a space of quiet study and research.

Though we have maintained our resources and services throughout the construction, one big change is that our books have returned to the library. They are now located in the back north end and mark the completion of construction.

There are still a few more last minute renovation items to be completed. Our classroom has new furniture and is close to being completed. Instead of a presentation-style room, the new tables are moveable so that the room can be a more multi-functional space, allowing for round-table discussion sessions and group collaborations. We will soon have a new Medical History room that will house both our Medical History collection as well as new educational models for student study and practice. We will have a new small group study room in the back south end of the library. The technology and whiteboard have been installed in this space. It will soon have a table and chairs, and will be open for use.

New furniture and interesting study spaces can now be found throughout the library. Make sure you stop by the library and check them out.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our changing library, please contact Director Marianne Burke at 656-3483.