Dana Library has a New Anatomical Model

The Dana Medical Library has acquired a life-size human skeleton model for use in studying gross anatomy. The skeleton can be checked out for use within the library for 2-hour periods. Since the model is on a rolling stand, it can easily be moved to small group study areas or other study spaces.

The skeleton is not only anatomically correct in terms of height and proportions, it contains approximately 200 bones which are numbered.  It has a flexible vertebral column, muscles, ligaments, and a removable three-part skull.  Ligaments are flexible, so the model can demonstrate movements.

The skeleton can be checked out by going to the Main Desk and asking for the supporting pamphlets that accompany it.  It will eventually be moved to the newly renovated Medical History/Anatomy space.

The skeleton model was ordered through 3B Scientific. They have named him “Sam the Superskeleton.”