New Look, Same Great Taste


PubMed changed its interface on October 26th, to reveal a more streamlined approach to searching. Favorite features may appear to be missing, but probably have just been moved to a new location. The University of Washington has created a handy chart of old features and where they’ve gone in the new interface.

Here are a couple of tips on the most frequently used features:

* After you have run a search from the Google-like box on the home page of PubMed, if you want to see what the database actually did with your terms, check out the Details to the right and toward the bottom on your search results page.

*The UVM Journal or UVM E-Journal icons are still there, they’re just only visible when you change the display to the Abstract view, or go into a particular record/citation. In the Abstract view, they are underneath the abstract instead of the title as they were before. When you look at the record, the icons will be to the right of the title.

*The tabs that told you how many of your results were available at Dana have gone, but that information is still available. Simply look to the right of your list of search results, and you’ll see a filter called Dana Medical Library with a number in parentheses.

If you have any questions, or need any searching assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the Dana Reference Desk at 656-2201 or