Indiana Pathology Images: Mycology

cotton blue2

Dana Library is pleased to announce the acquisition of a the Indiana Pathology Images™ Mycology online database.

From their description:

“The Indiana Pathology Images™ Mycology database, containing more than 600 photomicrographs, was developed for the purpose of providing a visual atlas that would serve as a resource for students and practitioners alike. The criteria used in selecting the “Grouping” of fungi in this atlas was an arbitrary determination by the authors who recognize that there are some fungi that may be included in more than one group. The authors included not only the “textbook” perfect images but also examples of the not-so-perfect morphologic appearances often observed in clinical specimens. It is beyond the scope of this database atlas to be all-inclusive and the authors recommend that comprehensive texts continue to be used as references when identifying fungal pathogens.

The authors have gone to great lengths to assure the standardization of image sizes. For comparative purposes, magnification is provided for all microscopic images. Since this [database] has been designed for use as a ‘visual’ review and image resource, text has been limited. For detailed discussion and descriptions, the authors recommend use of other clinical mycology resources (e.g., textbooks, websites).”

You can get to this database by clicking on the link above, or from the Library home page, click on Articles & Databases, and scroll down to Images & Sound. It is the first link in that list.

Image above: Epidermophyton floccosum – Microscopic Morphology, 100x Lactophenol cotton blue from Indiana Pathology Images Mycology.