Current Protocols Now Available Online


Current Protocols provides up-to-date methods for scientific research in 14 titles spanning the life sciences. Scientists contribute methods in areas of research identified by the Current Protocols editorial board members. The board members—along with a full-time, in-house editorial staff of M.S. and Ph.D. scientists—then review, fine-tune, and edit the content for clarity, consistency of style, and presentation. Already-published procedures are reviewed periodically and revised “as needed” to keep all the protocols up-to-date. Most titles are updated quarterly—both in print and online.

For years the Dana Medical Library has subscribed to many of these titles in print. The Library is pleased to announce that 6 Current Protocols titles are now available electronically:

Dana also receives Current Protocols in Immunology and Current Protocols in Molecular Biology in print.

For more information on Current Protocols, including a handy tutorial, see Current Protocols on the Library’s web site.

Tubes photograph by striatic used in accordance with the Creative Commons license.