UVM Libraries Award Given to Dana Employee


Susan Bishop, Administrative Assistant to the Director, was recently given the University Libraries 2013 Delmar Janes Staff Excellence Award. This award “recognizes outstanding employees whose overall commitment, exemplary performance, positive attitude and acts of achievement (extending above and beyond the call of duty) serve to further the libraries’ mission while enhancing the work environment.”

Susan’s service to UVM Libraries spans as far back as 1977, when she was hired to work as technical assistant for the Hospital Library Development Service, an outreach grant funded by the (US) National Library of Medicine, to develop and strengthen the region’s small hospital libraries. Later, Susan went on to obtain permanent status with UVM, and has been working at the Dana Medical Library for well over thirty-five years. Susan has had a positive impact on every staff member throughout her career. She has also worked in every department in the Library.

During her tenure at UVM, Susan performed myriad duties, from billing and managing departmental budgets to schedule management and exhibit curation. She filled in at the circulation desk, substituted on the reference desk during librarians’ meetings, and worked in the Audiovisual Department. At one point, she typed the individual cards and pockets that used to line the backs of books and journals. She trekked across campus in all types of weather to deposit funds at Waterman, and get change for the various coin boxes. Susan was the first person at Dana to have a computer!

Describing Susan’s current job description isn’t easy, either. She plays an important role in organizing and creating the various exhibits displayed in the DML, whether they are on loan from the National Library of Medicine or created in-house. She works on a variety of assignments such as gathering yearly statistics, supporting the creation of the newsletter and annual reports, delivering the mail, managing the Director’s calendar, filling in and assisting in ILL, and lending her design expertise in the creation of scholarly posters. She coordinates Dana Council meetings through calendars, provides well-written, timely minutes, and schedules these meetings and locations. She is a wonderful editor. She orders library supplies and organizes all the files. Simply put, Dana wouldn’t run smoothly without her.

All at Dana are lucky to work with Susan Bishop, and offer a hearty congratulations for this well-deserved award.

Jeanene Light, MLS