Second 4th of July flood Hits Library


By Marianne Burke, Director

For the second time in two years, water came up through the foyer floor and into the Dana Library during torrential rain on the 4th of July. Water soaked the carpet in the front of the library, as well as the central corridor, classroom and two offices. The Medical Education Center concourse and the COMIS help center were also flooded. Fortunately, UVM Physical Plant Department members were on the scene shortly after the rain let up and recovery began almost immediately. Dozens of high power fans and dehumidifiers were placed in strategic locations throughout the Library and halls.

Staff arriving for work on Friday were greeted with the roar of fans throughout the space making it impossible to carry on normal work in any of the affected areas. We made the decision to close the library at noon on the 5th and to remain closed on Saturday the 6th with an evaluation to take place on the Sunday the 7th. While the situation was much improved on Sunday with many areas completely dry, we decided to remain closed to complete more of the drying process and to open on Monday.

The Library is now open, with only two high powered fans in operation in the central area. Access Services Staff and Information Services Librarians are available for assistance.

Many thanks to the Physical Plant Department Staff, especially Neil Jackson, for their help this past weekend, and to Dana Library staff for their patience with the disruption of service. And to our patrons: thank you for your patience as well. We are happy to be back in business.