Meet Harvey


Harvey is a cardiopulmonary patient simulator (CPS) now located behind the reference desk. He is on loan from the Clinical Simulation Laboratory (CSL), and is one of several pieces of equipment donated to the CSL by Helen and Robert Larner, MD ’42. Cate Nicholas, Director of Operations, Simulation Laboratory and Assistant Professor of Family Medicine and Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences, was the person who proposed the idea of making Harvey available at the Library. Her goal was to increase access to simulation tools like Harvey outside of the Clinical Simulation Laboratory.

Harvey was created in 1968 by Dr. Michael Gordon at the University of Miami, and is currently sold by Laerdal Corporation: He is a life sized, high fidelity, mannequin created to help doctors, nurses, and medical students develop their cardiac care diagnostic skills. He is equipped with software and technology that realistically simulates 30 cardiovascular conditions (2 normal and 28 cardiovascular diseases). The conditions are arranged from common, less complex, conditions such as hypertension, to more rare and complex diseases like Tetralogy of Fallot. Harvey can be used by a single person (a stethoscope is attached to him), or by a group via a device that allows multiple stethoscopes to be plugged into the unit.

Everyone is welcome to test their cardiopulmonary listening skills on Harvey. Please ask for help at the Reference or Circulation Desk to get started.