SciFinder Scholar Now on the Web

As many chemistry and biochemistry researchers know, access to SciFinder Scholar has been limited: one could only connect to this useful chemistry resource on certain computers. No longer! Now everyone can access SciFinder Scholar online from their very own desktop.

To begin using the web version, you must complete a one-time registration form with your “” email address. Go to SciFinder Scholar to get started.

Be aware that UVM Libraries has a license for 5 concurrent users on the Web, and one additional spot reserved for the computer in Cook Chemistry Library, making a total of 6 concurrent users. If you are denied access to Scifinder Scholar on the Web, it may be because 5 other people are on at the same time as you. If after a second try, you still do not get in, do not hesitate to contact the Dana Reference Desk at 656-2201 or for assistance.

Stay tuned for upcoming classes on this useful and versatile research tool.