CINAHL Citation Matcher


Your professor may have told you to read a particular article, or maybe you saw a news story about a recent study in JAMA by a Dr. Morey and you want to read the full article. Stumped as to how to find it? Try the Single Citation Matcher feature, found in PubMed and now, CINAHL. You simply fill out a form with all of the information you have about the article (for example the article title and author), click search, and you are instantly brought to the article’s record in PubMed or CINAHL. From there, click on the appropriate icons (Find It@UVM or UVM E-Journal) to be brought to the full text.

Need help? Try these Help screens from PubMed and CINAHL:

Finding a Citation Using the Single Citation Matcher in PubMed
CINAHL/EbscoHost Citation Matcher Search Screen Help Sheet.