Fewer Journals Means More Study Space

If you’ve been into Dana recently, you may have noticed a few physical changes. In response to a number of comments from patrons that there are times when it is hard to find a good spot to study, staff at Dana have started to look carefully at the space and ways we can make room for more people.

In recent years many journal titles are being used more online than in print. Over the last 3 years, the Library has switched about two thousand print subscriptions to electronic subscription. This change has had benefits in cost saving, patron satisfaction and freed up space in the Library. We have now removed empty shelving and replaced it with a combination of comfortable seating and tables and chairs.

The Library also recently reduced the audio-visual collection size to only the most current, relevant and utilized materials, again freeing up shelf space. Those shelves will be removed and study carrels will take their place. We moved the remaining DVD’s, films and videos to a new but still convenient location.

Come to Dana and check out our new study spaces, and, as always, let us know what you think!