Elsevier, Springer, and Wiley Offer Open Access Journals

In 2011 all three of the largest scholarly publishers will offer one or more peer-reviewed biomedical journals through a full open access publishing model. Elsevier’s International Journal of Surgery Case Reports (IJSCR) currently publishes case reports.  The journal deposits all articles in PubMed Central. SpringerOpen contains 34 full open access journals, spanning all STM disciplines. Wiley plans to launch three open access journals in 2011.

These publishers have been experimenting with hybrid open access publishing since 2005. In this hybrid publishing model, authors may choose to pay a fee to make their article freely available upon publication. Thus only a few open access papers appear in each issue while the rest of each issue is available by subscription. In the full open access model, each issue is paid for through author fees, rather than by subscription.