After 9pm you need a UVM ID to enter the Concourse hallway from outside

After 9pm a UVM Cat Card is required to enter the doors located on the west side of the corridor (facing Converse Hall).The Dana Medical Library is open to anyone from the time the library opens until 9pm every evening (or earlier if the library closes before 9pm). Cat Card access is limited to UVM faculty, staff and currently enrolled students.

For people who have Cat Card access to Given, the doors at the south end of the corridor in front of the library lock at 7 pm and on weekends. If you visit the Library after 7 pm or over the weekend, you will need your Cat Card to reenter Given.

Doors going in to FAHC, on the north end of the corridor lock at 7 pm and on weekends. Access through these doors is granted by FAHC Security.

The Dana Medical Library does not grant permission to enter through any of the above mentioned doors. Access is granted by your status with UVM or FAHC and carrying the appropriate card to swipe through the doors.

All doors are signed with reminders to have the appropriate cards to get back in the corridor leading to the library. Library personnel do not monitor these doors and are not responsible for admitting people through these doors.