Monthly Archives: August 2011

Going Mobile@Dana

It’s even easier to go mobile at Dana now that a guide written by librarians specifically for UVM and FAHC patrons is available on the web site. The guide provides detailed directions for accessing or downloading mobile apps for many of the library’s licensed resources. It also lists the most popular medical mobile apps, and directs users to more comprehensive listings and reviews of apps. Directions for getting technological help at UVM or FAHC can also be found.

Darwin Exhibit Birthday Party

Come to the Dana Library on Wednesday, August 31 from 2-4pm to celebrate Charles Darwin’s 200th birthday and the 150th anniversary of On the Origin of Species. Birthday cake will be served!

This celebration coincides with exhibits now on display in the library: Rewriting the Book of Nature: Charles Darwin and the Rise of Evolutionary Theory and Evolutionary Medicine.

For more information contact: Marianne Burke;; 656-3483

For more information on these exhibits see National Darwin Exhibit Comes to Dana Medical Library.

Methods in Enzymology Now Available Online

Methods in Enzymology is a series of scientific articles primarily focused on research methods in biochemistry. It was created by Sidney P. Colowick and Nathan O. Kaplan and is published by Elsevier. Each volume centers on a specific topic of biochemistry, such as DNA repair, yeast genetics, or the biology of nitric oxide. In recent years, the range of topics covered has broadened to include biotechnology-oriented areas of research.

Dana Medical Library now subscribes to Methods in Enzymology electronically.