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National Darwin Exhibit Comes to Dana Medical Library

An exhibit celebrating the 200th birthday of Charles Darwin and the 150th anniversary of On the Origin of Species will be on display at Dana Medical Library beginning July 24th, 2011. Rewriting the Book of Nature: Charles Darwin and the Rise of Evolutionary Theory explores Charles Darwin’s vision—“from so simple a beginning, endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful have been, and are being evolved”—a vision that now forms the foundation of the biological sciences. Radical in sweep, Darwin’s idea of naturally innovating and endlessly changing webs of life undercut all previous sciences.

Charles Darwin’s 1859 work, On the Origin of Species, was instantly seen as a potent sign of a new science, a new way of conceiving the world. His theory was an immediate threat not just to those who were wedded to an older conception, but to all who relied on a given and settled order for meaning and for power. Emerging just as liberal reforms in western society seemed headed for radical explosion, just as technological change provided a social and economic motor that sped up life beyond all imagining, changes in science portended changes in society: “things fall apart; the center cannot hold.”

That Darwin’s thought could be so fertile should not surprise us. On the Origin of Species evoked life in all its intricacy, fecundity, and creativity. This is the world that Darwin explored and surveyed, described and explained — his enduring legacy to science, and to us.

This exhibition was developed and produced by the History of Medicine Division, National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health Office of History. It was curated by Paul Theerman and Michael Sappol.

Rewriting the Book of Nature: Charles Darwin and the Rise of Evolutionary Theory will be on display at Dana Medical Library from July 24 to September 7, 2011. Complementary exhibits also on display around campus include Evolutionary Medicine, at Dana Medical Library, and Darwin’s Worms, at Bailey/Howe Library.

Delivery of LRA Requests Might Encounter Delays

Beginning on Thursday, July 13, 2011, through the end of July, the delivery of article requests submitted to the LRA (Library Research Annex) might be delayed. Bailey/Howe Library is working with a contractor to move library materials from Cook/Chemistry Library to the LRA and Bailey/Howe. During this move, staff might not have access to the journal collection at the LRA. Staff will do whatever they can to expedite delivery of items; nevertheless, there will be delays. Please contact Paul Philbin, Director of Access, Technology and Media Services with questions at (802) 656-1369 or by email. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Crash-Test Medicine

The Clinical Simulation Lab in the College of Medicine at UVM opened in March, and is garnering attention from the local press. Of particular interest are the Lab’s employees: life-like mannequins and body parts that allow medical professionals and those in training to practice critical clinical skills like taking blood or inserting a chest tube. Check out the Seven Days article to learn more.

Photo courtesy of Raj Chawla, UVM Medical Photography.

Cook Chemistry and Physics Library Closing July 1

The Cook Chemistry and Physics Library, located in the center of the 3rd floor Cook Physical Sciences building, closed its doors for good today, July 1, 2011. The library housed chemistry and physics books, reference books, journals and course reserve materials, as well as three work stations, printers and copy machines. Much of the collection is now available online, though a few print items have been integrated into Bailey-Howe and Dana’s collections. Contact Laura Haines at 656-4143 or Elizabeth Berman at 656-8130.