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Vermont Blueprint for Health Conference

The Dana Medical Library will be exhibiting at the Vermont Blueprint for Health Conference on Health Care Reform and Social Justice on April 11 at the Burlington Sheraton Hotel and Conference Center.  Attendees at the Conference include clinicians, public health workers, hospital administrators and others interested in the cutting edge health system redesign taking place in Vermont.  The Library’s exhibit will display services that are available to Vermont health care providers and public health professionals.

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PubMed Alerts Through MyNCBI

PubMed can be set up to automatically email updates to saved search queries. This video describes the process for setting up a saved search, using a My NCBI account.
Other NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information) databases also allow saved searches and alerts: 3D Domains, CDD, EST, GEO DataSets, Genome, GSS, NLM Catalog, Nucleotide, PopSet, PubChem BioAssay, PubChem Compound, PubChem Substance, PubMed, PubMed Central, Protein, SNP, SRA, Structure, Taxonomy. For more information, see NCBI’s instructions on Saving and Managing Searches.

Dr. Diane E. Meier on Palliative Care

Did you miss Dr. Diane E. Meier’s March 28th talk on palliative care?

For those of you interested in viewing the video online, you may access it at CCTV’s site or

Interested in viewing it on TV? The presentation will air on Channel 17/ Town Meeting
Television, on Comcast Cable and Burlington Telecom at the following times:

· Friday April 8, 10:00 PM
· Saturday April 9, 3:00 AM
· Saturday April 9, 9:00 AM
· Saturday April 9, 2:15 PM

For those of you outside of the viewing area, this program will be posted on the Vermont Media Exchange which will allow other VT community channels to download the program for broadcast.