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Community Medical School

Community Medical School is back for its 10th year!

The Community Medical School lecture series began in 1998 and was designed to provide people in the community with an opportunity to share in the medical learning experience. Offered each semester, Community Medical School consists of seven weekly lectures on such diverse subjects as heart failure, DNA, food allergies, asthma, melanoma, stem cell transplants, coronary artery bypass surgery and incontinence. Each lecture is videotaped for distribution to libraries and to public access cable television stations around the state.

Past lectures on DVD can be found in the Dana Medical Library’s consumer health collection. Dana-created supplemental reading lists for past lectures are also available.

For more information about Community Medical School, call (802) 847-2886.

Genetics Study Aid

Scitable is a new “free, collaborative learning space,” with a current focus in genetics, from the Nature Publishing Group. The Genetics Study Center allows you to post genetics questions to experts and access over 40 study packs on topics such as the discovery of DNA, mitosis and cell division, genetic mutation, gene mapping and disease, chromosomal abnormalities, and the ethics of genetic testing.

Faculty can host a free and easy-to-maintain online research site for their genetics students, including shared articles from Scitable’s library and group discussion capabilities. Faculty can visit and follow the four-step wizard to set up a classroom space in less than five minutes.

mknowlesLego DNA model used in accordance with the Creative Commons license.

New Website is Live!

The new Libraries website is live. Please report any issues to Lyman Ross. Antonio Porchia once wrote, “Nothing that is complete breathes.” The new website along with the Internet are viewed as dynamic entities — always changing and breathing life into the discovery and research process.