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Don’t forget about Dana’s Interlibrary Loan Service!

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Joanne Montanye and Elinor Avery, our Interlibrary Loan staff.

Having trouble finding something? Make sure to take advantage of Dana’s Interlibrary Loan services. Our staff is available to help you with your search.

Here are the specifics of this great service:

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) provides access to journal articles, books, and audiovisual materials that are not available in the Dana Medical Library. ILL is different from Document Delivery in that Document Delivery is a service that supplies journal articles and book chapters from our own collection.

Dana Medical Library provides free Interlibrary Loan to UVM health, biomedical, and medical students, and to University of Vermont Medical Center residents. We also provide 25 free Interlibrary Loans per semester to UVM faculty and staff and to University of Vermont Medical Center employees. After this there is a $5.00 per item charge.

Learn more on Dana’s Interlibrary Loan webpage.

How to request an Interlibrary Loan:

You can request an ILL by filling out the online form, sending an e-mail, phoning (802) 656-4382, or sending a FAX to 656-0762.

We can send documents to you by email, through campus mail or U.S. Mail, or by fax. For items which need to be picked up, we can notify you by phone or email. Office hours are Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 4:00 pm.

Check out Dana’s Interlibrary Loan YouTube video for step-by-step instructions.

Dana Medical Librarian in Peru

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Fred Pond and Laurie Kutner (center) with their PUCP colleagues in March 2016.

Dana Medical Librarian Fred Pond just returned from a visit to the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (PUCP) in Lima, Peru. As part of a larger collaborative relationship between UVM and PUCP, this was Fred’s second visit, which coincides with a Latin American conference for University libraries. In September 2015, Fred, along with UVM Libraries’ Dean, Mara Saule, and Bailey/Howe’s Laurie Kutner, visited PUCP to participate in intensive workshops and meetings that centered on how to make the University’s extensive library resources more discoverable to patrons.
Learn more about these visits to Peru in the December 2015 ALA International Leads Newsletter.

Wheelchair donated to Saint Albans Museum

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Director Marianne Burke and Library Assistant Kate Bright with Alex Lehning Director at St. Albans

The Dana Medical Library recently donated an antique wheelchair to the Saint Albans Museum. The staff in Saint Albans are excited to have this new addition to their medical collection. Dana faculty and staff are happy that the chair will be properly displayed.

The wheelchair was originally manufactured by The Gendron Wheel Co. Factory of Toledo, Ohio. Having a long history, The Gendron Wheel Co. began making wheels and children’s toys in the late 19th century, produced bicycles in the early 20th century, and later, wheelchairs and wheeled stretchers during World War II. We assume that our donated chair is from this latter era.

Description Made out of wood and metal; the top of the back is rounded; caned back and seat; 3 metal wheels, 2 large on the sides and 1 small in the back; metal supports and wooden foot rest.
Who The UVM Libraries’ Dana Medical Library donated this wheelchair to the St. Albans Museum, a community non-profit, who had expressed an interest in the chair.
Why The library does not have a proper place to display the wheelchair. Due to its age, it cannot be used or sat in. The wheelchair has no known history to mark it as a significant piece. We wanted it to go somewhere where it would be displayed and valued rather than stored away.
More on the Medical History Collection
The Medical History Collection at Dana Medical Library contains monographs, manuscripts, photographs, yearbooks, course catalogs, serials, doctors’ bags and instruments relating to medicine and science. To access or learn more about this Collection, contact Marianne Burke at 656-3483.


March Workshops at Dana Medical Library

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Take advantage of these important workshops on library resources and databases.

Introduction to EndNote
When: Wednesday, March 2, Noon – 1:00 pm
Where: Dana Classroom, Room 108
This beginning EndNote class will get you started with using this powerful reference management software. You’ll learn how easy it is to export citations from popular online databases and automatically insert them into your paper or manuscript.
Instructor: Frances Delwiche, MLIS

PubMed: Basics & Beyond
When: Wednesday, March 9, Noon – 1:00 pm
Where: Dana Classroom, Room 108
Are your PubMed skills a little rusty? Come to this workshop and brush up on the basics such as using limits and MeSH headings to zero in on the results you need. We’ll move beyond the basics by answering whatever questions you have so come prepared to share!
Instructor: Alice Stokes, MLIS

Searching CINAHL
When: Wednesday, March 16, Noon – 1:00 pm
Where: Dana Classroom, Room 108
This workshop will cover how to find high quality nursing and allied health information in CINAHL. In it, we’ll cover topics like advanced searching, how to use subject headings in your search, and how to fine-tune your results.
Instructor: Alice Stokes, MLIS

Introduction to Systematic Reviews
When: Wednesday, March 23, Noon – 1:00 pm
Where: Dana Classroom, Room 108
This workshop will contrast the rigorous methodology used to produce systematic reviews with other approaches to reviewing the literature. Attendees will have the opportunity to begin constructing their own systematic review protocol, enabling them to both evaluate systematic reviews, and participate in authoring a systematic review.
Instructors: Donna O’Malley, MLS & Gary Atwood, MSLIS

Introduction to Ovid Medline
When: Wednesday, March 30, Noon – 1:00 pm
Where: Dana Classroom, Room 108
If you’re looking for a Medline database platform that offers precision control over your search strategy and ready access to advanced search features, then come check out Medline searching using the OVID interface.
Instructor: Nancy Bianchi, MLS

Workshops are open to all UVM and University of Vermont Medical Center students, staff, and faculty. Unless otherwise noted, preregistration is not required for library workshops.
Questions about any of our workshops? Not affiliated with UVM or University of Vermont Medical Center? Please contact Gary Atwood at or (802) 656-4488.

Electronic Article Delivery is Available for YOU!

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Sometimes finding a journal article on your own is hard work. The Dana staff can find it for you and send it to you at no charge. On weekdays, our Document Delivery office will usually have what you need on the day of your request. Click Document Delivery under ‘Services’ on the website to start your request!

Document Delivery Specifics
Document Delivery (or Electronic Article Delivery) is a service that locates, scans and sends articles and chapters from the Dana Medical Library’s book, print, journal and electronic journal collections to you.

It is different from Interlibrary Loan in that it supplies patrons with material from our own collection. Interlibrary Loan is the process of borrowing materials that are not part of the Dana Medical Library collections.

Document Delivery is free to UVM health, biomedical, and medical students, and to University of Vermont Medical Center Residents and Fellows for articles requested from our print and electronic collections.

Dana’s Document Delivery department charges $5.00 per article requested from our print and electronic collection to UVM faculty and staff, and to University of Vermont Medical Center employees. This fee is waived for 5 requests per month. For requests of more than 5 articles per month, Dana will charge for ALL articles requested in that month.

Who can request Document Delivery? Anyone affiliated with UVM or the University of Vermont Medical Center can use Document Delivery. Others can contact us for specifics.

How to get started
Requests may be made by filling out the online form, sending an email, phoning (802) 656-4382 or sending a fax to (802) 656-0762. Normal turnaround time is 24 hours. Large requests, inaccurate or incomplete citations may result in the request taking longer. Rush delivery is available with time permitting. Articles may be delivered to you via e-mail, campus mail, fax; or you may ask to be notified to pick them up in print at the Library.

Contact us with any questions or suggestions at 656-4382 or

USMLE Study Guides Now Check Out Longer!

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You asked for it, and you got it! The USMLE print books can now be checked out for three days, up from two hours. Following the three days, they may be renewed, as long as another student doesn’t recall that specific title. For any help with renewals or recalls, contact the Main Desk (656-2200) at the Dana Medical Library.
We hope this will be beneficial to all studying for the USMLE examinations, whether it is for Step 1, Step 2 or Step 3.
Thank you to all the students who evaluated USMLE Easy online, during the two-month trial period and then completed the evaluative survey. We learned that an online USMLE resource would be widely used if we can identify one that allows for multi-user, library licensure and meets our other criteria.

Dana Main Desk Expands Roles

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The Main Desk at the Dana Medical Library has expanded its role to be the central point for help, information, and services for the library. It’s not just for checking out books anymore!
The Main Desk, staffed by Lesley Boucher (supervisor), John Printon, Brenda Nelson, Colin McClung and Craig Chalone, with the help of student assistants, can help with ejournal access, finding books, and selecting databases. They can assist you in ordering materials from other libraries and checking out books, media, and print journals. Now, instead of having two help desks, we have one to reduce the uncertainty of who to ask, for any question.

Research Support at the Dana Medical Library

The Main Desk is now the place to arrange to meet with a librarian for in-depth research assistance. Librarians are available on a walk-in basis from 10-4, Monday through Friday. You can also make an appointment with a librarian.

For more information, contact the Main Desk at 656-2200.

Printing – Whiteboard Survey Results

Printing Survey image resizedLast fall the College of Medicine launched a wireless network (HSID) for employees and students with COMIS credentials. Computers on the HSID network cannot connect to Dana printers. We wondered how much COM students use Dana printers, and whether they were accustomed to using them from their laptops. In early January we conducted an evaluation of the printing practices of College of Medicine students in the library.

Thirty-three students completed the survey, set up on a whiteboard in the library. Medical students were well aware of the opportunity to print black and white copies for free in the medical student lounge. Nevertheless, four students reported printing in black and white at a Dana printer, and five students had printed to the color printer in Dana. All nine of these print jobs were sent from a Dana computer. Only two students reported printing from their laptops to the library color printer. No students reported sending black and white print jobs to the Dana printer.

We’ve concluded that while College of Medicine students do use Dana computers to print to Dana printers, they do not usually send print jobs from their laptops to Dana printers. Consequently, adding the Dana printers to the HSID network is not a high priority.

Come see what Dana has available for study materials!

In addition to books and journals, the library has a variety useful items. Computer peripherals and other study aids can be found on Reserve at the library’s main desk. Here are some items that you can borrow:

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7 day loans include: standing desks, computer mice, and Dell & Lenovo power cords and styluses.

Alldayloans resized

All day loans (due back by library closing) include: headphones, Ethernet cables, Ethernet adapters, white boards, dry erase markers, book stands and calculators.

Questions about what we have available? Just ask at the Main Desk, 656-2200.

New NLM subject headings on Zika Virus

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The National Library of Medicine (NLM) added Zika Virus Infection and Zika Virus as new medical subject headings (MeSH) in late January 2016. These additions are in direct response to increased reports in the literature and media about the Zika virus outbreak and its tentative association with microcephaly in newborns as well as possible paralysis and Guillain-Barre Syndrome in adults.
Indexing of National Library of Medicine materials (i.e. journal articles; books) for the new headings began January 28, 2016.
A suggested interim PubMed search strategy to retrieve citations on Zika until review of previously indexed citations is completed might include: Zika [tiab].
In addition, a Zika Virus Health Information Resources page is available from the Disaster Information Management Research Center at NLM. It outlines resources on the emerging health issues arising from the Zika Virus.
Please contact the Dana Medical Library at 656-2201 with any questions about the Zika Virus literature or its indexing.