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Dana Library’s Hours Adjust for Holiday Break


As we near holiday break, keep in mind that library hours will change on certain days. Hours will be reduced between Friday, December 16, 2016 and Monday, January 2, 2017 as follows:
Friday, December 16: 7:30 am-7pm
Saturday, December 17: 9am -7pm
Sunday, December 18: 9am-10pm
Monday, December 19 – Thursday, December 22: 7:30am-10pm
Friday, December 23 – Monday, January 2 (University Holidays and Winter Break Days) CLOSED 

Regular hours will resume Tuesday, January 3, 2017:
Mon-Thu: 7:30 am – 12 midnight
Fri: 7:30 am – 9 pm
Sat: 9 am – 9 pm
Sun: 9 am – 12 midnight


EndNote Workshop offered at Dana Medical Library

EndNote: Tips & Tricks
November 30, Noon – 1:00 pm
Join us for a post-Thanksgiving break workshop on EndNote! In this workshop, we’ll explore some of the more sophisticated features of this powerful reference management software. Instructor: Gary Atwood, MSLIS

Workshops are open to all UVM and University of Vermont Medical Center students, staff, and faculty. Unless otherwise noted, preregistration is not required. Questions about any of our workshops? Not affiliated with UVM or University of Vermont Medical Center? Please contact Frances Delwiche at (802) 656-4423.

African Americans in Civil War Medicine Exhibit Opens at Dana

Binding Wounds, Pushing Boundaries: African Americans in Civil War Medicine
Hosted by Dana Medical Library through December 16th.


Susie King Taylor Courtesy East Carolina University

Many histories have been written about medical care during the American Civil War, but the participation and contributions of African Americans as nurses, surgeons and hospital workers has often been overlooked. Binding Wounds, Pushing Boundaries: African Americans in Civil War Medicine looks at the men and women who served as surgeons and nurses and how their service as medical providers challenged the prescribed notions of race and gender pushing the boundaries of the role of African Americans in America.

Through historical images and period documents the exhibit explores the life and experiences of surgeons Alexander T. Augusta and Anderson R. Abbott, and nurses Susie King Taylor and Ann Stokes as they provided medical care to soldiers and civilians while participating in the fight for freedom. “Binding Wounds, Pushing Boundaries opens the door to this rarely studied part of history and brings a voice to those that have remained silent for nearly 150 years,” says Curator Jill L. Newmark.

Learn more about this fascinating exhibit at the National Library of Medicine, Binding Wounds, web page.

This exhibition was developed and produced by the National Library of Medicine with research assistance from The Historical Society of Washington, D.C. Question about this exhibition? Contact Kate Bright at 656-0695.

In Honor of Veterans Day, Dana Library takes a close look at John McCrae, MD (1872-1918)


Dr. John McCrae wrote In Flanders Fields, the most influential poem associated with World War I. He was a revered professor at UVM and we are proud to count him as part of our rich and deep history. From 1903 to 1911, he served as professor of pathology at UVM’s Medical College, traveling down on the train from Montreal. In his short 46 years, he had established himself as an esteemed physician and professor as well as an accomplished writer and poet.

In this exhibit, learn more about this fascinating man’s life as a physician, poet and soldier. The exhibit will be up in the library’s Main Hall through December 16th. Also read the Larner College of Medicine blog post on McCrae.

Questions? Contact Kate Bright at 656-0695.

RENOVATIONS UPDATE: Learn What’s Happening Next at Dana

As preparations for library renovations continue, there are some dates that you should keep in mind when using the library.

So far, here is what has happened:
In the Fall 2016, Dana’s book collection was removed from the library but are still available by request.
The compact shelving in the north rear section of the library was taken apart and relocated to Bailey/Howe.
The Brickyard quiet study area is now open as an alternative place for studying.
The new demountable walls have been constructed for the new quiet study area.
NEW! Photocopiers that are located in the back of the library have been relocated outside of this new quiet room.
NEW! Furniture has been moved into the new quiet study area.
NEW! The new quiet study area is now open for use!

Timeline of what is to come:
Feb 13 – May 5: Primary time of Construction. Renovations have begun at the north end of the library.
Feb 21: Construction crews have hung a barrier in front of the computer area adjacent to the Main Desk. The computers at the front of the library have been set up in the back south end of the library. Dana computer classroom (room 108) is also available for use when the room is free. The schedule for the classroom is posted on the classroom door.
End of March: Shelving and furniture to return to north end of library.

Please contact Dana Medical Library Director Marianne Burke at 656-3483 with any questions or concerns regarding the renovations timeline.
Need assistance finding information for your research, classes or patients, or a place to study? Please talk to the wonderful staff at the Main Desk, 656-2200. They are ready to help you any time!

Dana Library would like YOUR input in a trial of the online tool, APA Style Central

Dana Medical Library is currently running a trial of the APA Style Central. APA Style Central is an online tool that shows faculty, students, and researchers how to properly cite resources in APA format through a series of quick guides, tutorials, and self-quizzes. For example, let’s say that you need to cite something from a YouTube video. A quick look at the Sample Reference section will show you an example of what a properly cited reference looks like or, if you need more information, you can go to the “Audiovisual Material Reference” Quick Guide tutorial for a more in-depth explanation of what elements to include. Viewers can even save these training aids in a favorites folder for future reference.

APA Style Central includes three other modules in addition to the training center. The Research module provides an overview of how to conduct research including select texts on how to conduct research and analysis. The Write module is an online word processor that works with the other modules in APA Style Center to ensure that your paper is properly formatted. Finally, the Publish module helps researchers find journals to submit their papers to for publishing.

If you like APA Style Central and would like to see the library subscribe to it permanently, please email Gary Atwood at and share your feedback. This trial runs until November 26, 2016.

Dana Provides Information Management, Research and Publication Assistance in November

There will be a variety of great workshops at Dana in November. Come join us! Workshops are every Wednesday and are open to all UVM and University of Vermont Medical Center students, staff, and faculty. Unless otherwise noted, preregistration is not required.

Personal Information Management: Tools November 2, Noon – 1:00 pm
Managing all of the information you collect for research, work and home can be overwhelming. This workshop will provide an overview of various personal information management tools to help, and offer basic instruction in OneNote and Evernote. Instructor: Laura Haines, MLS

UVM’s Institutional Repository in the Lifecycle of Scholarship November 9, Noon – 1:00 pm
From undergraduate theses, to grant reports, to journal articles of value to a variety of communities, UVM’s institutional repository hosts a range of scholarly publications authored by UVM’s faculty and students. Come see how your work could benefit from inclusion in ScholarWorks @ UVM. Instructor: Donna O’Malley, MLS

PubMed: Basics and Beyond November 16, 2016 Noon – 1:00 pm
Are your PubMed skills a little rusty? Come to this workshop and brush up on the basics such as using limits and MeSH headings to zero in on the results you need. We’ll move beyond the basics by answering whatever questions you have, so come prepared to share. Instructor: Alice Stokes, MLIS

EndNote Tips & Tricks November 30, 2016 Noon – 1:00 pm
In this workshop, we’ll explore some of the more sophisticated features of this powerful reference management software. Instructor: Gary Atwood, MSLIS

Questions about any of our workshops? Not affiliated with UVM or University of Vermont Medical Center? Please contact Frances Delwiche at or (802) 656-4423.

Dana Responds to Book Retrieval Questions and Concerns

With a new book retrieval system under way, Dana is working to smooth out the kinks. Through the Dana website feedback page and in person at the Main Desk, we welcome questions and concerns from patrons. The following is feedback submitted by a CNHS graduate student.
I am unhappy with the books of the library being re-located. This makes it very difficult to complete assignments that require book references in a timely manner. I would suggest bringing the book sources back into the library or finding a way to make the book sources readily available in an online format.

Dana Information Services responds with the following post.
Thank you for your comment. While we can’t bring the books back to the Library, we can reassure you that the majority of the books will be returning in May. Those books will be the most current and most desired books in our collection. A portion of the total collection will remain in storage.
Starting Monday, October 10th, there will be a courier who will retrieve books from off-site storage. If you request a book before 11:30 am, the book will be delivered to the Library by 4:00 pm the same day Monday through Friday.
Talking to your professors may help; if there are books that the professor would like to be readily available to students, that professor can request that the book(s) be put on Reserve here in the Library.
We cannot make all books available electronically, because not all titles have an electronic version. However, the Library does have a robust collection of electronic books. Search for ebooks in CATQuest and click to Show only Online Resources.
We have forwarded your complaint to the project team to let them know of your concerns, and to make sure they understand that everyone would like the books back as soon as possible.
We are certain there will be many bumps in the road during this renovation project, and we are truly sorry. We appreciate feedback, and welcome any ideas you might have as to ways we can improve our stored book retrieval system. We also appreciate your patience during this transition.

The library continues to make adjustments and improvements as issues arise. For example, Dana just recently made changes to the online retrieval form to clearly emphasize contact information, add a confirmation email, and state that requests will be filled within 1 business day.  As each search and request is unique, Dana’s knowledgeable staff are ready and available to assist with any concerns and questions. Please contact the Main Desk at 656-2200 or leave a comment on our website feedback page.

Dana Medical Library Introduces New Book Retrieval Process as Collection is Moved Off-Campus


Dana Library’s books, with some exceptions, were moved to off-site locations the last weeks of September in preparation for the construction of the Larner Learning Commons which will include a recording studio, an upgraded multi-audience classroom, faculty development space, and an enclosed quiet study area for medical, nursing, and health sciences students. The most current and frequently circulated books will return to the library when construction is completed. The remainder of the books and all journal volumes will remain off-site permanently.

Library staff, resources, and services are all available, but the process of finding and checking out print books from the library has changed. Instead of going to the stacks to find items, borrowers need to identify desired books in the online catalog first. Next, they fill out an online form to request retrieval of the books from an off-site Annex. Library courier services retrieve books from their external locations and bring them to the Dana Library Monday through Friday for pick-up.

Students, faculty, and staff find e-books and all print books through the library’s discovery tools: CATQuest and the Classic Catalog, both available on the Dana Website. For best results, the Library recommends using CATQuest to get a print book. Contact the Dana Main Desk by email  or by phone at 656-2200 for assistance navigating library services.

Many books and textbooks can be accessed electronically (as e-books) through CATQuest. There are over 2,000 electronic books in medical, nursing, and heath professional topics in the database. The print texts are still wanted and used by many in our community. Over 6,000 print books were checked out from Dana in 2015-2016.

Books specifically needed for classes in medicine, nursing and health sciences are staying in the library. These include:

  • Books on Reserve for courses (ask for these at the Main Desk)
  • USMLE Board preparation books
  • Radiology textbooks
  • Recent acquisitions
  • Current issues of selected print periodicals
  • Media (DVDs)
  • The Medical History collection

The most used and recent portions of the Dana print collection will come back to the library when the construction is completed in May 2017. In the meantime, the loan period for books has been extended. All websites, electronic journals and databases are available through the Dana website , UVM Medical Center intranet, and COMET as usual.

Please stay tuned for updates on this process. For questions or concerns, contact Marianne Burke, Director, at 656-3483.


October Workshops Assist with Personal Information and Reference Collection and Management


As there starts to be a nip in the air and you are immersed in your semester work, make sure to keep organized and up-to-date with library resources. Join us for 2 important workshops this October.

Personal Information Management: Best Practices Wednesday, October 19, Noon – 1:00 pm

How do you organize all the information you collect for your research, work and personal life? Do you wish there were ways to manage that information more efficiently? This workshop will explore the concepts of Personal Information Management (PIM), and offer concrete tips for optimum productivity and effective management of all your information. Instructor: Laura Haines, MLS

Basics of EndNote Wednesday, October 26, Noon – 1:00 pm

Learn the basics of EndNote to collect and manage references, and to insert them into a manuscript. If you would like to attend an EndNote workshop, but cannot make this date, contact Frances Delwiche ( for other options. Instructor: Frances Delwiche, MLS

Workshops are open to all UVM and University of Vermont Medical Center students, staff, and faculty. Unless otherwise noted, preregistration is not required for library workshops. Questions about any of our workshops? Not affiliated with UVM or University of Vermont Medical Center? Please contact Fran Delwiche at or 656-4423.