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It would be nice if the library had…

In addition to books and journals, the library has a variety useful materials! Computer peripherals and other study aids can be found on Reserve at the library’s main desk. Here are some items that you can borrow:

7dayloans resized

7 day loans include: standing desks, computer mice, and Dell & Lenovo power cords and styluses.

Alldayloans resized

All day loans (due back by library closing) include: headphones, Ethernet cables, Ethernet adapters, white boards, dry erase markers, book stands and calculators.

Questions about what we have available? Just ask at the Main Desk, 656-2200.

Library acquires new ‘Bible’ on Free Radicals

Free Radicals 006

Free Radicals in Biology and Medicine comes to the library highly recommended.

Dana Medical Library has added the Fifth Edition of Free Radicals in Biology and Medicine by Barry Halliwell and John M. C. Gutteridge to its book collection. Published in 2015, this 905 page tome contains comprehensive and extensively referenced overviews of redox chemistry in plants, animals and humans. Here is what UVM Neurosciences Department Professor, Charles Pippenger, PhD has to say:

“A valuable reference tool for anyone working in free radical research, it is an excellent text for those just entering the field. Free Radicals in Biology and Medicine clearly maintains its reputation as the free radical researchers’ ‘Bible’.”

Find this book on the New Book shelf or contact the Main Desk at 656-2200 for more information.