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RENOVATIONS UPDATE: Learn What’s Happening Next at Dana


As preparations for library renovations continue, there are some dates that you should keep in mind when using the library.

So far, here is what has happened:
The books have been removed from the library but are still available by request.
Shelving has been dismantled. Most recently, the compact shelving in the north rear section of the library has been taken apart. The pieces are being stored in the library temporarily.
Furniture from the middle rear section of the library has been moved in preparation for HVAC work.
NEW! Dana has a new study area created from a space at the north end of the library. Follow the signs!
NEW! The Brickyard quiet study area is now open as an alternative place for studying.
Timeline of what is to come:
Dec 2: HVAC work is due to be completed by this date.
Dec 19: Construction of a demountable wall system will begin. This will consist of a wall to the right of the New Books shelf in the middle rear of the library and another wall just past the Document Delivery/ Interlibrary Loan Office in the south rear section of the library. The section between these 2 walls will be the future quiet study area. This process is expected to take three days. The walls will be glass with chair rail and baseboards with power and outlets every 6 feet. Also at this time, demountable walls will be used to construct a new group study room next to the current small group study rooms at the far south rear section of the library.
Jan 3: This is the target date for the furniture to be moved into the new quiet study area.

Please contact Dana Medical Library Director Marianne Burke at 656-3483 with any questions or concerns regarding the renovations timeline.
Need assistance finding information for your research, classes or patients, or a place to study? Please talk to the wonderful staff at the Main Desk, 656-2200. They are ready to help you any time!

How to Request a Dana Book (It’s probably not in the Library)

Because most of our books are in external storage at the moment, you will need to put in a request to get the books you need. Here is how to make a request:
Search for books using CATQuest, Classic Catalog or Dana’s Website. When you find the books you want, look for the “Request from Annex” button in RED, click on it, and complete the available form. This is how you can electronically request those books that are not in the library. There is no need to request a book in person at the library. Make the request online from anywhere.
Request submitted by 11:30 am, will be available for pick-up by 4:30 pm that same day, Monday thru Friday!

request-from-annex-screenshotIf you don’t see the “Request from Annex” button, look  to see if the book is located at the Research or Williston Annex. If this is so, from Dana’s homepage, choose “Request from Annex” under Services and complete the form.
Are you not sure where the item is? Please contact the Main Desk by phone at 656-2200, by email at or in person.
For questions or concerns, contact Marianne Burke, Director, at 656-3483.