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Thinking Locally, Acting Globally: Global Health at the University of Vermont

Rangrik India Clinic Brady resized

Clinic in Rangrik, India

The Dana Medical Library has a new exhibit for the new semester. Continuing its exploration of the theme of global health at UVM, the exhibit takes a closer look at the programs that have developed in affiliation with UVM departments and colleges. With input from enthusiastic physicians, nurses, professors and students, the library has created a display that highlights the mission of global health initiatives on a broad scale as well as looks at the focus of each program. From public health nursing study abroad programs, medical student exchanges, and missions to prevent the spread of disease, this exhibit shows the breadth of what participants experience, the work that they strive to accomplish and the principles behind each mission.
Each of the four panels of the new exhibit highlight a different aspect of global health at UVM, beginning with its definition.

What is Global Health?
In the simplest terms, Global Health refers to the health and well-being of people and communities on a global level. It is the idea that the health of individuals and communities has a direct effect on the health of the world as a whole.

The Ebola Mission: Liberia
In late 2014, the Global Health Program at Western Connecticut Health Network (WCHN) and the University of Vermont College of Medicine (UVM COM), working with AmeriCares, sent Director Majid Sadigh, MD and Margaret Tandoh, MD, UVM Assistant Professor of Surgery, to Liberia to set up an Ebola Treatment Unit (ETU) to fight the rapid spread of ebola. Working with a team from around the world, they underwent extensive training that would keep them safe as well as prevent the spread of the disease and save lives. This display reveals poignant journal and article excerpts and a selection of photographs from their experiences in Liberia.

gh_lastday600x400 resized

Ebola Treatment Unit Team

Public Health Nursing Around the World: Uganda, Bangladesh and the Netherlands
In the nursing program at UVM’s College of Nursing and Health Sciences, public health is an essential part of the curriculum. Students can choose to fill this requirement by enrolling in a study abroad program that has taken them, most recently, to Uganda, Bangladesh and the Netherlands.

Well Baby Clinic Uganda resized

Well Baby Clinic in Uganda

Global Health Diaries: Excerpts
The Global Health Program at WCHN/UVM COM reaches across the world to many different countries. Students who participate are encouraged to blog about their experiences. This display of blog excerpts is a glimpse into the personal experiences of becoming immersed in another place and culture and the hurdles these students have faced with their immersion into new health care settings.

students in Kazan Russia resized

Students in Kazan, Russia

Collaboration is at the root of these programs in global health. It is one that encourages the exchange of information. Physicians, nurses, students and professors, when they travel to other countries, collaborate with local hospitals, organizations, and health care professionals to determine what is needed to improve the health of their community. The exhibit is up until Friday, April 22nd. Enjoy!
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