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Author, Susan Raby-Dunne, to present her new book on famous poet, physician and former UVM Professor, John McCrae


John McCrae, physician, soldier and author of the famous poem ‘In Flanders Fields’, was a professor of Pathology at UVM from 1904 to 1911. “What begins as an interest becomes a seven-year obsession as Raby-Dunne follows Lt. Colonel John McCrae’s footsteps from Canada through the battlefields of Flanders, to France where he died and is buried.”

In conjunction with this presentation, the Dana Medical Library will have an exhibit on display in its Main Hall mapping out McCrae’s life, accomplishments and connection to UVM.

Join us for this fascinating presentation and exhibit! Monday, November 14th at 2:30 pm in the Larner Classroom, Larner Medical Education Center

Dana Responds to Book Retrieval Questions and Concerns


With a new book retrieval system under way, Dana is working to smooth out the kinks. The library continues to make adjustments and improvements as issues arise. For example, Dana just recently made changes to the online retrieval form to clearly emphasize contact information, add a confirmation email, and state that requests will be filled within 1 business day.  As each search and request is unique, Dana’s knowledgeable staff are ready and available to assist with any concerns and questions.

Below is an example of patron feedback submitted through the Dana website feedback page about the removal of books to off-site storage and how it effects research and study. Dana Librarian, Laura Haines, responds.

Anonymous post by CNHS Graduate Student:

I am unhappy with the books of the library being re-located. This makes it very difficult to complete assignments that require book references in a timely manner. I would suggest bringing the book sources back into the library or finding a way to make the book sources readily available in an online format.

Dana Librarian, Laura Haines MLS, in reply to anonymous post:

Thank you for your comment. While we can’t bring the books back to the Library, we can reassure you that the majority of the books will be returning in May. Those books will be the most current and most desired books in our collection. A portion of the total collection will remain in storage.

Starting Monday, October 10th, there will be a courier who will retrieve books from off-site storage. If you request a book before 11:30 am, the book will be delivered to the Library by 4:00 pm the same day Monday through Friday.

Talking to your professors may help; if there are books that the professor would like to be readily available to students, that professor can request that the book(s) be put on Reserve here in the Library.

We cannot make all books available electronically, because not all titles have an electronic version. However, the Library does have a robust collection of electronic books. Search for ebooks in CATQuest and click to Show only Online Resources.

We have forwarded your complaint to the project team to let them know of your concerns, and to make sure they understand that everyone would like the books back as soon as possible.

We are certain there will be many bumps in the road during this renovation project, and we are truly sorry. We appreciate feedback, and welcome any ideas you might have as to ways we can improve our stored book retrieval system. We also appreciate your patience during this transition.

Do you have questions or concerns? Please contact the Main Desk at 656-2200 or leave a comment on our website feedback page.

Dana Medical Library Introduces New Book Retrieval Process as Collection is Moved Off-Campus


Dana Library’s books, with some exceptions, were moved to off-site locations the last weeks of September in preparation for the construction of the Larner Learning Commons which will include a recording studio, an upgraded multi-audience classroom, faculty development space, and an enclosed quiet study area for medical, nursing, and health sciences students. The most current and frequently circulated books will return to the library when construction is completed. The remainder of the books and all journal volumes will remain off-site permanently.

Library staff, resources, and services are all available, but the process of finding and checking out print books from the library has changed. Instead of going to the stacks to find items, borrowers need to identify desired books in the online catalog first. Next, they fill out an online form to request retrieval of the books from an off-site Annex. Library courier services retrieve books from their external locations and bring them to the Dana Library Monday through Friday for pick-up.

Students, faculty, and staff find e-books and all print books through the library’s discovery tools: CATQuest and the Classic Catalog, both available on the Dana Website. For best results, the Library recommends using CATQuest to get a print book. Contact the Dana Main Desk by email  or by phone at 656-2200 for assistance navigating library services.

Many books and textbooks can be accessed electronically (as e-books) through CATQuest. There are over 2,000 electronic books in medical, nursing, and heath professional topics in the database. The print texts are still wanted and used by many in our community. Over 6,000 print books were checked out from Dana in 2015-2016.

Books specifically needed for classes in medicine, nursing and health sciences are staying in the library. These include:

  • Books on Reserve for courses (ask for these at the Main Desk)
  • USMLE Board preparation books
  • Radiology textbooks
  • Recent acquisitions
  • Current issues of selected print periodicals
  • Media (DVDs)
  • The Medical History collection

The most used and recent portions of the Dana print collection will come back to the library when the construction is completed in May 2017. In the meantime, the loan period for books has been extended. All websites, electronic journals and databases are available through the Dana website , UVM Medical Center intranet, and COMET as usual.

Please stay tuned for updates on this process. For questions or concerns, contact Marianne Burke, Director, at 656-3483.


October Workshops Assist with Personal Information and Reference Collection and Management


As there starts to be a nip in the air and you are immersed in your semester work, make sure to keep organized and up-to-date with library resources. Join us for 2 important workshops this October.

Personal Information Management: Best Practices Wednesday, October 19, Noon – 1:00 pm

How do you organize all the information you collect for your research, work and personal life? Do you wish there were ways to manage that information more efficiently? This workshop will explore the concepts of Personal Information Management (PIM), and offer concrete tips for optimum productivity and effective management of all your information. Instructor: Laura Haines, MLS

Basics of EndNote Wednesday, October 26, Noon – 1:00 pm

Learn the basics of EndNote to collect and manage references, and to insert them into a manuscript. If you would like to attend an EndNote workshop, but cannot make this date, contact Frances Delwiche ( for other options. Instructor: Frances Delwiche, MLS

Workshops are open to all UVM and University of Vermont Medical Center students, staff, and faculty. Unless otherwise noted, preregistration is not required for library workshops. Questions about any of our workshops? Not affiliated with UVM or University of Vermont Medical Center? Please contact Fran Delwiche at or 656-4423.