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About This Tutorial

Learning Objectives

PubMed Basics covers the skills necessary to do a simple search in PubMed. Users will become familiar with the content of PubMed; learn how to access PubMed; learn how to search a word or phrase; and understand how to connect to an online journal article, or otherwise obtain the full text of an article.

Advanced PubMed will familiarize the user with techniques for searching the PubMed database to efficiently identify and access relevant journal articles. Users will understand the importance of beginning with a well-defined question; learn how PubMed translates a search and how to use this information to modify the initial search; find out how to identify additional terms to improve the effectiveness of a search; learn how to limit searches to human studies, by research methodology, by age group, by broad subject, and to major clinical journals; recognize the benefits of combining queries in complex searches; and understand how the Related articles feature works in PubMed.


Please let us know whether this tutorial was helpful to you. Information about who you are and why you went through the tutorial would also be of interest. Thank you. donna.omalley@uvm.edu

More Help

If you would like more help with searching PubMed or any other biomedical database, contact the Dana Medical Library reference desk at 656-2201, send an e-mail to danaref@uvm.edu, or stop by the library Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.  Ask about the private tutorials and classes we offer for individuals and groups at UVM, University of Vermont Medical Center, and in the community.

The National Library of Medicine Provides online tutorials for PubMed as well.

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