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Off Campus Database Access

The University of Vermont Libraries subscribe to thousands of online journals and databases. Students, faculty and staff who are on the UVM or University of Vermont Medical Center network, can automatically access these journal articles and databases. If you're off campus, how do you let publishers know that you're a UVM faculty member, staff member, or student and are part of UVM's subscription?

When you are off site and you click on a link on the Dana Library web page to get to a database or journal, you will be automatically directed to login to EZproxy with your UVM NetID account. See how to Find Your NetID and Set Your Password

Watch this video to see how EZproxy works (written instructions appear below the video). The UpToDate database is used as the example.

Written instructions

There are a number of ways to access databases and journals from off campus. This is one approach.
Start at the Dana Medical Library web page.
Find the database you want to access. Our most popular databases are on the front page.
Less well known health sciences databases are listed under Articles & Databases. You can also access databases in all UVM subject areas.
From the Dana Medical Library home page click on UpToDate.
EZproxy pops up with a link asking if you would like to connect using EZproxy. Click on that link and enter your UVM NetID and password on the next screen.
Hit the spacebar or click the link to proceed to the database web site, which should look just as it does when on campus.
Notice that in the browser address bar the database URL contains ezproxy.uvm.edu within the URL for the database.
The ezproxy.uvm.edu address is carried through as you click to search or to view new web pages and will appear in every subsequent URL that is displayed in the address bar. If for some reason ezproxy.uvm.edu disappears from the address bar, that indicates that you are no longer connecting through EZproxy. You will need to reconnect to the database from the Dana Library front page.

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