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Featured Resource - 2008 No. 107

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About Global Health

Global Health is a bibliographic database of international research on public health topics from both developed and developing countries. It provides citations and abstracts to literature in public health research and practice. The Global Health database is available at the University of Vermont through CABI, a not-for-profit, intergovernmental organization that provides scientific information about agriculture, bioscience, and the environment.

Information in the Global Health database is taken from a wide variety of sources, including:

  • scientific journals
  • books and book chapters
  • conference proceedings
  • annual reports
  • technical information
  • theses
  • handbooks
  • newsletters and bulletins

Global Health provides excellent international coverage, indexing publications from over 125 countries in 50 languages, with particular emphasis placed on developing country material. All foreign language abstracts are translated into English, and English language abstracts are written for those articles that don't include one with the original document. Forty percent of material contained in Global Health is unique to the database as compared with MEDLINE.

Global Health covers a wide range of subjects, as depicted in the following chart:


Refer to the CABI Global Health brochure for additional information.

How to connect to Global Health

Searching Global Health

Global Health offers options to conduct a Basic, Advanced, or Expert Search.

Suppose you want to search for journal articles from 1990 or later on poliomyelitis immunization in India. Using the Advanced Search method, your search strategy might look like this:


This search strategy brought up 94 hits. The results are displayed in the brief format, in batches of 25:


Here is a portion of the Global Health record for the second hit from that set of results:



Pull the scroll bar down to view the full record.

To search for the full-text of the article, click on the Link to Full Text button. Select PubMed, then change the PubMed display to Abstract to display the publisher's icon. You may also be able to obtain access by clicking on the URL provided.

Make your selections, and add them to the marked list via the button at the bottom of the screen. Then print, save, or email.  Global Health also allows you to export selected citations directly to EndNote or other citation manager by clicking on the pull-down menu in the lower right corner.

For more information about searching Global Health or any other resource at Dana Medical Library:


Information about Global Health was adapted from the CABI Global Health brochure http://www.cabi.org/files/Librarians/globalhealthbrochure.pdf.  Accessed 03/16/08.


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