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Dana Medical Library Expectations of Library Behavior

The Dana Medical Library serves the information needs of the faculty, staff and students at UVM's College of Medicine, College of Nursing and Health Sciences, and physicians and health care providers at the University of Vermont Medical Center. The Library's collections, resources, and facilities are also available to University of Vermont students, faculty, and staff, Vermont healthcare practitioners, and members of the general public with health information research needs.

In order to insure a welcoming, safe, and productive environment, the Dana Medical Library has adopted the following behavior expectations for those using the Library space, computers, and resources.

  • Respect the need for quiet and respond in a positive manner to requests from the library staff or other patrons.
  • Set your cell phone to vibrate and take phone conversations outside the library.
  • Refrain from viewing sensitive images outside the realm of health science education and research.
  • Treat library material, equipment, furniture, and building with care.
  • Keep all food and beverage away from contact with library materials and computers.
  • For their safety, children must be supervised.
  • Service animals, only, permitted.
  • Patron behavior must conform to additional University of Vermont policies, such as Facilities and Ground Use and Code of Students Rights and Responsibilities, available at: http://www.uvm.edu/policies/
When a library patron has violated these expectations, the library reserves the right to ask the patron to leave or to call campus security.

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