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Who Has Access

All Library Users

The general public is welcome to use the library materials within the library. Online materials are available, but many require that you be in one of the libraries to use them. Please Note: Some materials, such as course reserves and some online databases, are restricted to use by UVM faculty, students and staff.

UVM faculty, staff, students and University of Vermont Medical Center employees

Your UVM identification or your University of Vermont Medical Center badge is your borrowers card.
Borrowing Privileges


Alumni Borrowers' cards are available to all graduates of the University of Vermont. Cards may be obtained at the CatCard Office in the University Bookstore. There is a $5.00 processing charge for the card, charged by the CatCard Office.
Borrowing Privileges

Consumer Health Borrower

A Consumer Health Borrower's card will be issued to any member of the general public wishing to borrow materials from the Dana Medical Libraries Consumer Health Collection.
Borrowing Privileges

Guest Borrower

A Guest Borrower's card may be purchased by any resident of Vermont, 18 years of age or older.
Borrowing Privileges

Health Research Associate

Dana Medical Library provides information resources and services to unaffiliated individuals and organizations through our Health Research Associate (HRA) program. HRA membership has included health related government agencies, law firms, businesses and multi- and solo-practice health care clinics.

Loansome Doc Journal article service

Loansome Doc enables PubMed® and NLM Gateway users to order documents found in MEDLINE®.
Loansome Doc information

Vermont Consortium of Academic Libraries (VCAL) Faculty

Faculty at Vermont Consortium of Academic Libraries (VCAL) member institutions are eligible to receive borrowing privileges at the University of Vermont Dana Medical Library (phone: 802-656-2200 or email: danacirc@uvm.edu with questions).
Borrowing Privileges

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