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Callejón de los milagros Midaq Alley /
Stories of three neighbors whose lives are intertwined in the old downtown section of Mexico City.
DVD 721
"Julia is a phone operator in Mexico City who divides her time between her job, her daughter and the danzon: a cuban dance very popular in Mexico and Central America. Every wednesday Julia does the danzon with Carmelo in the old 'Salon Colonia'. They've danced for years but barely know each other. One night Carmelo disappears without a trace. Feeling lonely and sad, Julia takes a train to Veracruz, where she knows Carmelo has a brother. That sudden trip will change Julia's life forever."--Maximiliano Maza ,
DVD 6177
Infierno Hell /
Benjamín García, El Benny, es deportado de Estados Unidos y al regresar a su pueblo encuentra un panorama desolador. La violencia, la corrupción y la crisis económica que azotan al país han devastado por completo al lugar. El Benny, sin otras opciones y para ayudar a su familia a salir adelante, se involucra en el negocio del narco, en el que tiene, por primera vez en su vida, una fulgurante prosperidad llena de dinero, mujeres y violencia, pero al final descubrirá en carne propia, que el tentador camino de la vida criminal no siempre paga lo que promete. Benjamin Garcia, El Benny, is deported from the U.S., and upon his return to Mexico finds a bleak picture. The violence, corruption and economic crisis plaguing the country have completely devastated the place. Benny, with no other options and to help his family out, gets involved in the drug business, where he finds, for the first time in his life, a prosperous life, full of money, women and violence. In the end, he discovers firsthand that the tempting criminal way of life does not always pay what it promises.
DVD 10052
Misma luna Under the same moon /
Tells the parallel stories of nine-year-old Carlitos and his mother, Rosario. In the hopes of providing a better life for her son, Rosario works illegally in the U.S. while Rosario's mother cares for Carlitos in Mexico. Mother and son face daunting challenges and obstacles to reunite, but are sustained by their constant hope of finally being together again.
DVD 6530
Que importa es vivir Living is what matters /
Candelairo, a drifter calls on an old friend, Don Lazaro, an owner of of a run-down ranch who agrees to board him in exchange for labor. Soon, Candelairo catches the eye of Lazaro's alcoholic wife and they become involved in a passionate affair, leading to a series of unforeseen events.
DVD 3347
Rojo amanecer
Set entirely in the city residence of a notable, but not ruling-class family of Mexico, this drama explores what happened during a 1968 student uprising, which was brutally suppressed by the government. In the story, the family's two college-aged boys are ardent advocates of change. Despite the vigorous warnings of their parents, the boys have left to attend a street meeting. The family looks out onto the streets as the dramatic events of that time unfold.
DVD 5096
Tarea Homework /
A film student secretly uses a camcorder during a sexual tryst with her ex-lover who helps her complete her "homework" assignment.
DVD 2962
Tarea prohibida Forbidden homework /
Planned as a project for a course on filming, 22-year-old Santiago films with a hidden video camera a romantic tryst with an attractive middle-aged woman with unexpected consequences.
DVD 2963