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Films with: Nimoy, Leonard

66 A.D. the last revolt /
On location and archival footage is utilized with sequences of dramatic re-creation, stills of cultural objects, and taped commentary by classical and religious scholars to present a history of the Jewish uprising against Roman rule in Palestine from 66-73 A.D., culminating in the destruction of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem and the Jewish fortress at Masada. The program examines the historical background of the revolt and its consequences, particularly pertaining to the development of modern Judaism and the early Christian Church.
DVD 11322
In a brothel of illusion the customers take over real power during a revolution. Madame Irma (Shelley Winters) runs the 'house of illusion' where ordinary people play out their dreams. Outside, a real revolution is in progress. For the Police Chief (Peter Falk), the brothel is the rallying point from which he can suppress the revolution. Roger (Leonard Nimoy), leader of the revolution, seeks refuge in the brothel, where he poses as his opponent, the Chief of Police.
DVD 1423
The sparse, stunning style of the classic series "Dragnet" has influenced the police genre for over fifty years. Director/star Jack Webb struck new ground through his pursuit of authenticity, extracting the stories from actual LAPD cases and focusing on deductive and investigative police work. Begun in 1949 as a radio program, the original television series ran from 1952 through 1959 and was the most popular detective series of the decade. Three movies were produced featuring Joe Friday, including one in 1987 starring Dan Aykroyd. The series returned to the air in the 1960's for a second series and the legacy continues with the contemporary series starring Ed O'Neill. Some episodes based on radio plays by James E. Mosen.
DVD 5761
Halloween tree
Four youths try to save the spirit of their friend Pip from the ghosts of Halloweens past, and discover the magic and meaning of Halloween and friendship.
DVD 11920
Harryhausen chronicles
Follows the career of Ray Harryhausen, the special effects filmmaking pioneer.
DVD 1868
Invasion of the body snatchers
When filmy spores fall from space and take root in San Francisco, the city is beautifully transformed by spectacular and exotic flowers. But these lovely extraterrestrial blossoms have gruesome plans for their earthly admirers. These blossoms are going to slowly clone human bodies and then dispose of the originals.
DVD 9494
Life apart Hasidism in America /
A life apart relates the story of the creation of the Hasidic post-Holocaust communities in the United States.
DVD 2638
Star trek
The incredible story of a young crew's maiden voyage on board the most advanced starship ever created: the U.S.S. Enterprise. The fate of the galaxy rests in the hands of bitter rivals born worlds apart: James T. Kirk--delinquent, thrill-seeking Iowa farm boy and Spock--half-human outcast, prey to violent emotions the Vulcans have disdained for centuries. Together, they must find a way to defeat Nero, captain of the Romulan mining vessel Narada, who is determined to destroy every planet of the Federation--although no one knows why. Solving this mystery will take the collective talents of the entire Enterprise crew, and begin a partnership that will become a legend.
DVD 10640
Star trek II the wrath of Khan /
The Federation Starship U.S.S. Enterprise is on routine training maneuvers, and Admiral James T. Kirk seems resigned to the fact that this may be his last space mission. But Khan--a brilliant renegade of 20th Century Earth--is back with his exiled band of genetic supermen and setting a deadly trap for his old enemy Kirk...with the threat of a universal Armageddon!
DVD 834
Star trek, the original series
DVD 792
Star trek, the original series
The spaceship U.S.S. Enterprise, with its 430 crew members captained by James T. Kirk, travels the universe.
DVD 12398
To be Takei
The legendary George Takei has blazed his own trail while conquering new frontiers with a beaming trademark grin. Take a hilarious, entertaining, and moving look at the many roles played by eclectic 77-year-old actor/activist George Takei. The film offers unprecedented access to the daily life of George and chronicles his fascinating personal journey from Japanese American internment camp to his iconic and groundbreaking role as Sulu on Star Trek, and his rise as a pop culture icon.
DVD 10705
Van Gogh's life is traced against a backdrop of his paintings in this one-man drama. The tragic genius of Van Gogh is captured in remembrances by his brother--the one who was his patron, his critic, and his closest friend. Framed by a prologue and epilogue containing more about the Van Gogh's lives.
DVD 10049