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Films & Other Videos

Films with: Lubitsch, Ernst

Anna Boleyn a historical drama in six acts /
Tragic drama of the second wife of England's Henry VIII, made in Berlin by Lubitsch before he moved to Hollywood to make comedies.
DVD 6771
Doll four amusing acts from a toy box /
The doll: when an effete young man must marry to inherit a fortune, he purchases a lifelike doll to wed. Ernst Lubitsch in Berlin: documents the life of the filmmaker from his birth in 1892 to his departure for Hollywood in 1923. Includes interviews and footage from his films.
DVD 6844
Heaven can wait
Newly deceased playboy Henry Van Cleve arrives at the outer offices of Hades where he asks a bemused Satan for permission to enter the gates of Hell. Though the Devil doubts he will qualify, Henry proceeds to recount a lifetime wooing and pursuing women.
DVD 6772
Love parade
In mythical Sylvania, Queen Louise's cabinet are worried that she will become an old maid, and are delighted when she marries the rougish Count Renard. Unfortunately, he finds his position as Queen's Consort unsatisfying and without purpose, and the marriage soon runs into difficulties. The Love parade introduced the screen operetta genre.
DVD 6770
Marriage circle
Story of marital infidelity and mix-ups.
DVD 4638
Monte Carlo
An independent-minded countess leaves her foppish prince fiancé at the altar and whisks away to the Riviera.
DVD 6840
Garbo plays a dour, severe Soviet official who comes to Paris on business involving the sale of some czarist jewels. But soon business turns to pleasure as she discovers the special magic of Paris and finds herself succumbing to the charms of a suave Frenchman named Leon D'Algout (Melvyn Douglas). The plot bubbles merrily as Ninotchka chooses between romance and duty--and must even confront a rival for Leon's affection in the exiled Grand Duchess Swana (Ina Claire).
DVD 4448
One hour with you
A seemingly blissful couple's marriage hits the skids when the wife's flirtatious school chum comes on to her husband a bit too strong.
DVD 6838
Oyster princess a grotesque comedy in 4 acts /
The Oyster Princess (original German title: Die Austernprinzessin): a comedy in which a pampered American oyster tycoon plans to find a prince to marry his much-indulged daughter, but things don't go his way. I don't wanna be a man (Original german title: Ich möchte kein Mann sein): while her father is away, a teenage tomboy impersonates a man in this gender-bending absurdist comedy.
DVD 6841
Shop around the corner
The setting is pre-World War II Budapest. Bickering co-workers in a gift shop don't realize they're lonelyhearts penpals.
DVD 5950
Smiling lieutenant
A Viennese lieutenant is enamored of a freethinking all-girl-orchestra-leading cutie. But complications ensue when the sexually repressed princess of Flausenthurm sets her sights on him.
DVD 6839
Sumurun an oriental play in six acts /
In this blending of melodrama and comedy, the story of a rebellious harem member who rejects the sheikh and falls in love with a merchant is interwoven with several other related stories.
DVD 6843
To be or not to be
"The world is on the brink of war-- but the show must go on. So Joseph Tura, the Polish actor who put the ham in Hamlet, stare beyond the footlights and says, "To be or not to be ..."--Container.
DVD 8663
Trouble in paradise
"When thief Gaston Monescu meets his true love in pickpocket Lily, they embark on a scam to rob lovely perfume company executive Mariette Colet. But when Gaston becomes romantically entangled with Mme. Colet, their larcenous ruse is jeopardized and Gaston is forced to choose between two beautiful women"--Container.
DVD 2204
Wildcat a grotesque in four acts /
The commander of a remote fort (and his lovely daughter) eagerly awaits a new lieutenant. En route, he is captured by outlaws who roam the snow-covered mountains and the daughter of their leader quickly falls for the young officer, setting in motion an outrageous farce.
DVD 6842