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Films with: Lee, Mun Wah

Color of fear 2 walking each other home /
In this film, the eight North American men of Asian, European, Latino, and African descent who explored the state of race relations in America in "The Color of Fear" return to address the question, "What can whites do to end racism?" For while the U.S. boasts one of the most diverse populations in the world, it still lacks meaningful and honest relationships between its various cultures, and the unequal distribution of power and representation continues in all sectors of the American social, educational, governmental, and political landscape. It is only by becoming a community--treating one another as brothers and sisters --that we can heal and grow as a nation. This requires that we "walk each other home" as we did when we were children, and race was elided by knowledge of individuals who were our friends.
DVD 12678
Color of fear a film /
Examines the pain and anguish that racism has caused in the lives of North American men of Asian, European, Latin and African descent. Out of their confrontations and struggles to understand and trust each other emerges an emotional and insightful portrayal into the type of dialogue most of us fear, but hope will happen sometime in our lifetime.
DVD 5544
Color of fear film guides /
Presents suggestions for facilitating discussion of the film, The Color of Fear, and specific questions pertaining to each of the vignettes of Lee Mun Wah's film about nine women and men who "begin an honest and emotionally charged conversation about how racism and sexism have affected their lives and families".
DVD 5545
If these halls could talk.
"If our halls could talk, what would they say about the alarming rates of students of color leaving our colleges? What would they say are some of the causes for their departures? What would our students say it is like to be a minority student at a predominantly white campus? Are faculties and staff prepared for the influx of students from different backgrounds? When conflicts arise around diversity issues on the campus and in the classroom, are administrators and teachers prepared to handle them? What are some of the solutions needed to confront these problems? These and many other issues are discussed in this dynamic and electrifying new film directed and produced by Lee Mun Wah."--Container.
DVD 8408
Last chance for Eden
Last Chance for Eden is a documentary about eight men and women discussing the issues of racism and sexism in the workplace. They examine the impact of society's stereotypes on their lives in the workplace, in their personal relationships and within their families and in their communities. In the course of their dialogue, they also explore the differences and similarities between racism and sexism - an area that has seldom been researched, but has heatedly become a very important issue needing to be understood and dealt with. The intention of the supplementary film study guide is to give the viewer an opportunity to test his or her facilitation skills. The CD-ROM contains a series of questions, based on the film, to challenge viewers to reexamine their thinking (and possible assumptions) about the material they are viewing, and the DVD contains the film, divided up into vignettes.
DVD 5540
Last chance for Eden.
Presents Lee Mun Wah's film about nine women and men who "begin an honest and emotionally charged conversation about how racism and sexism have affected their lives and families" as a series of individual vignettes. The accompanying study guide includes suggestions for facilitating discussion of the film and specific questions pertaining to each of the vignettes.
DVD 5541