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Films with: Landa, Luz

Art of design
This episode delves into the discussion of what distinguishes art and design. One company that has mastered walking the fine line between art and design is Ammunition. In this episode, talk to their creative leaders as well as the executive in charge of Design at the MOMA in New York City.
DVD 10416
Connecting people
Meet the founders of two startups created with the purpose of making life easier for business and people with the help of virtual technology innovation. Dan Greenberg is the founder of Sharethrough, a company that helps brands make their videos go viral on the web. Phil Libin has started Evernote, a mobile application that helps people remember and keep track of everything going on in their lives.
DVD 10433
Designed and augmented reality
This episode of Innovation Lab focuses on learning more about the latest trends in artificial intelligence and augmented reality. We take a closer look at tow of the top companies in this field: Dekko and Affectiva. Dekko is a company that is building a disruptive high-tech platform that intends to synthesize the online world and the real world. Affectiva is a startup that uses technology to transform products, processes and lives by providing automated emotion measurement.
DVD 10434
Emotions and memories
Jamie Wong and Antohny Marinos: Meet two young professionals whose objective is to find the perfect match for people's needs when traveling and working. Through their innovative companies, Vayable and Loosecubes, they have harnessed the power of community to provide unique travel experiences to consumers as well as to efficiently provide office space to smaller companies that need it but may not be able to afford it. We learn the importance of community building and how important the endorsement of a community user is to build good faith in these kinds of systems.
DVD 10435
Meet two of the most successful entrepreneurs in the food industry today. Gary Vaynerchuck and Tim McCollu stood out for having challenged the rules of how to produce, market and sell two historically traditional products: wine and chocolate. These two entrepreneurs saw a gap in an already consolidated market and took big chances to build their businesses. McCollu's Madécasse Chocolates are manufactured in Madegascar and feature a completely self-contained production chain that relies heavily on local farmers and workers. Vaynerchuck has grown his family's wine business through aggressive social media strategies.
DVD 10436
In this episode featuring Google, get to know some of the secrets behind this innovation machine. Speak with several of the executives from Google that are based all around the world. Their thoughts, values and strategies behind the challenge of winning the technology battle are explored. Learn how though their creative risks in growing the company as well as the creative environment established by founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Google has become the top online search engine in the world.
DVD 10437
High tech
A great deal of today's modern technology exists due to the extensive use of the abundant chemical element, Silicon. California's Silicon Valley is where we find several of the world's most innovative and successful technology companies that touch all areas of human needs. Two of these companies, SunTech and Complete Genomics, are on the forefront of the innovative use of computing technology. Through their groundbreaking methods and designs they have harnessed the computing power of the Silicon Valley and applied it to creating more efficient and effective solar power generators as well as cost effective and highly accurate human genome mapping techniques.
DVD 10438
Recycling habits/healthy eating
Recyclebank and Revolution Foods are two innovative companies that focus on rewarding people for taking ecological and healthy actions. These two companies are encouraging citizens to be actively engaged with good environmental and nutritional practices. The benefits created by these practices are considered "win-win-win." This means that consumers and government save money, build community, and also earn long-term health benefits.
DVD 10439
Sharing economy
The Mesh, Collaborative Consumption, the Sharing Economy. These are important social trends that are at the forefront of many socially and ecologically responsible companies today. In this episode, meet the founders of two companies that have put these collaborative values into practice: Task Rabbit and Relay Rides.
DVD 10440
Silicon Valley
This episode focuses on the rich innovative history of the Silicon Valley. Hear from historians from Stanford University on the development of the area as well as leaders from several of the most important companies that are located there today. Learn how community, interdependence and open exchange of ideas is what has made Silicon Valley the success it is today.
DVD 10441