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Films & Other Videos

Films with: Bloom, Claire

Alexander the Great
The story of Alexander the Great, Greek hero and world-conqueror. Alexander is a man torn by conflict between his teacher, Aristotle, his warrior father and his own ambition.
DVD 3289
Brideshead revisited
Spans three decades from the early twenties to World War II in Charles Ryder's relationship with the wild and eccentric Sebastian Flyte and the aristocratic Marchmain family.
DVD 2413
A mentally retarded man becomes a genius after experimental brain surgery, developing a romance with his former special-education teacher before lapsing back into retardation.
DVD 3508
Crimes and misdemeanors
Weaving together several different stories about people's lives, loves, perceptions, and ideals, this examines some of the toughest questions surrounding human nature.
DVD 1514
Tragicomedy involving Imogen, the daughter of Britain's King Cymbeline, whose evil stepmother wishes to have Imogen's husband, Posthumus, banished so that Imogen will be free to marry the queen's thick-witted son, Cloten. Trickery and deceit abound as Imogen, disguised as a boy in order to clear her name, is forced to flee the castle.
DVD 2367
The film features the drama of a small group of people trapped in the Holland Tunnel linking Manhattan and New Jersey.
DVD 2241
Doll's house
Nora is sheltered first by her father and then by her husband. All her life, she has been protected like a fragile possession ... like a doll in a doll's house. After she marries, Nora becomes frustrated, realizes that under the dominance of her husband she will never have an identity of her own, and leaves to find a new life for herself.
DVD 7386
Fear and the muse the story of Anna Akhmatova.
The film mixes still photographs, old newsreels, and interviews with scholars and contemporaries to trace the life and work of Russian poet Anna Akhmatova. Much of the narration is in her own words. In her early years she was part of the aristocratic life of the Tsarist court and Russian Orthodox Church and of the cultural explosion of the early 20th century in Paris and St. Petersburg. Following the Russian Revolution, however, she was regarded as anti-Soviet, was seldom able to publish, and lived for many years on the charity of friends. Her son Lev was imprisoned during the purges, and she became a voice of the persecuted.
DVD 13159
Hamlet, Prince of Denmark
A Danish prince avenges the murder of his father, the king, by killing his uncle Claudius who murdered the king, usurped the throne, and married Hamlet's mother, Gertrude. Hamlet, considered the most complex of all Shakespeare's characters, examines the fundamental issues of justice, guilt, and death.
DVD 2366
Adapted from Shirley Jackson's The Haunting of Hill House, this psychological thiller tells the story of four people who come to the house to study its supernatural phenomena.
DVD 2473
King's speech
The story of King George VI of Britain, his impromptu ascension to the throne and the speech therapist who helped the unsure monarch become worthy of it.
DVD 8090
Set in 1914 London, the film stars Chaplin as an aging music hall comic who's convinced he can no longer move people to laughter. But he gets a final opportunity to shine when he saves a young, equally desperate ballet dancer from suicide, then guides her to triumph on the stage.
DVD 5735
Oedipus the king
The beginning of the Oedipus saga tells of Oedipus the king & the working out of the curse on the royal house of Thebes.
DVD 8809
Richard III
Begins by recapitulating the final scene of Henry IV, Part III with Edward IV being crowned king. In the background of the celebration, Richard jealously views the proceedings. Soon afterwards, Edward IV is murdered, drowned in a vat of wine. Richard becomes king and, after proceeding with a succession of intrigues and duplicities, he finds his kingdom in dire peril, set upon by Henry Tudor and mustering a final defense for his realm at the Battle of Bosworth. An immortal tale of lust, murder, treachery and the ruthless pursuit of power.
DVD 3350
Spy who came in from the cold
After a fellow spy is murdered, an agent is assigned to pretend he is defecting, but soon suspects that the layers of betrayal go far beyond what was originally expected.
DVD 8427