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Films with: Barrymore, Lionel

Bells At 3:25.
The Bells (68 min.). An ambitious innkeeper murders a wealthy traveller to settle his debts and is haunted by a hypnotist in a traveling carnival. His conscience is tormented by an apparition of the dead man seeking a confession of his own. At 3:25 (19 min.). A surreal fantasy in which an eccentric scientist freezes the population of Paris with a mechanical ray of his own invention. The American edition of the French film.
DVD 1625
Life in 1847 Paris is as spirited as champagne and as unforgiving as the gray morning after. In gambling dens and lavish soirees, men of means exert their wills and women turned courtesans exult in pleasure.
DVD 4442
Columbia Pictures pre-code collection
Ten cents a dance: Barbara, a dance hall girl, marries Eddie, who turns out to be a compulsive gambler. Barbara turns to a former suitor and dance hall owner, Bradley Carlton, for help. Arizona: Bob Denton, a West Point football star, discovers that his commanding officer is married to his former girlfriend, a woman bent on revenge after he jilted her. Three wise girls: An innocent small-town girl trades her soda fountain job for a modeling job in New York. She quickly learns the ropes and perils of big city life, along with her wisecracking roommate and a fellow model. Shopworn: Kitty is a waitress who falls in love with Dave, a wealthy college student. Dave's high-society mother has a trumped-up morals charge made up against her. After leaving the reformatory, Kitty becomes a showgirl, and she meets Dave again. Virtue: An honest, enterprising taxi driver mistakes a prostitute for an unemployed stenographer. After a whirlwind courtship and marriage, the woman's past comes back to haunt her when a duplicitous acquaintance implicates her in a sordid affair.
DVD 9013
Forbidden Hollywood collection.
Five classic films that offer a rare glimpse at a lost era of "pre-code" provocative filmmaking.
DVD 6360
Frank Capra's it's a wonderful life
George Bailey, a desperate and suicidal man, is visited by a guardian angel who shows him how important he has been to those around him in his life.
DVD 2185
Frank Capra's you can't take it with you
Comedy about the Sycamores, an eccentric family of free spirits, and the problems that arises when Alice, the one stable memeber, falls for her boss's son.
DVD 2135
Garbo silents collection
Flesh and the devil: Best friends love the same woman and resort to a duel. The mysterious lady: Garbo plays an alluring Russian spy who falls in love with her "target." The temptress: An unhappy wife (Elena) falls in love with a Spanish engineer (Robledo). When it is revealed that Elena is not only married, but has also been the mistress of a banker (Fontenoy), Robledo returns to South America. Subsequently, Elena and her husband (the Marquis) also go to South America. Years later Robledo returns to Paris and runs into Elena who does not seem to recognize him. Elena has become a pathetic drunkard who is apparently beyond Robledo's help.
DVD 4441
Grand hotel
The glitz and glitter of Berlin's Grand Hotel comes alive with this story of love and betrayal. Contains both fullscreen and widescreen.
DVD 4443
Hemo the magnificent and-- Unchained goddess
Hemo the magnificent shows the path through the body that is taken by the blood. Unchained goddess looks at the earth's atmosphere and weather.
DVD 4140
Key Largo
A disillusioned returning World War II veteran has lost the will to fight ... until he arrives at a rundown hotel in Key Largo. There a mobster holes up against a raging storm, holding the veteran, the hotel owner and the owner's widowed daughter-in-law at gunpoint.
DVD 267
Mad love
Mad love: A famed surgeon adores an actress, but when she turns to him to repair her pianist husband's severed hands, he replaces them with the hands of a murderer. The devil-doll: A Devil's Island escapee poses as a toy shop worker, using secrets of miniaturizing human beings to do his bidding and exact his revenge on those who sent him to prison.
DVD 6525
Mark of the vampire
Mark of the vampire: Sir Karell Borotyn appears to have been killed by Count Mora, a vampire believed to haunt the local village. Now his daughter Irena is the Count's next target. Enter Professor Zelen, an expert on vampires who's sent in to prevent her death. At the same time, secrets are revealed surrounding the circumstances of Sir Karell's death. The mask of Fu Manchu: Englishmen race to find the tomb of Ghengis Khan. They have to get there fast, as the evil genius Dr. Fu Manchu is also searching, and if he gets the mysteriously powerful relics, he and his diabolical daughter will enslave the world.
DVD 6475
Mata Hari
Garbo is mesmerizing as the dancer-turned-German secret agent in a wartime Paris seething with secrets and betrayal. With the world at war, love was her weapon. The only men she couldn' t seduce were the 12 in the firing squad that ended her life.
DVD 4447
Our Mr. Sun, and, Strange case of the cosmic rays
Discover how the rays from Our Mr. Sun affect the earth. Unveil the secrets of atoms, gamma and ultraviolet radiation, and other tiny but vital fragments of our existence.
DVD 4153
Personal history, adventures, experience & observations of David Copperfield the younger
David Copperfield enjoys an idyllic life with his gentle, widowed mother and his loving nurse, Peggotty. Then tragedy strikes when Mr. Murdstone weds David's mother and drives her to an early grave. Despised by his stepfather, the boy is forced to live in misery and poverty until he runs away to throw himself upon the mercy of his eccentric aunt. Charles Dickens's classic tale of growing up.
DVD 7161
Turner Classic Movies greatest classic legends films collection
DVD 8219