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Films with: Armendáriz, Pedro

3 godfathers
Fugitive bank robbers care for the newborn of the woman they just buried, knowing it ruins any chance of escape. Director John Ford's western retelling of the Bibilical Three Wise Men tale remains a scenic and thematic masterpiece.
DVD 4614
Set in 12th century China, the captured Tartar princess, Bortai, tricks Genghis Khan into mistrusting his blood brother, but falls in love with the Mongol chief.
DVD 787
Crimen del Padre Amaro The crime of Padre Amaro /
A recently ordained priest is sent to a small parish church in rural Mexico to help an aging priest. Upon arriving at his new post, he meets a beautiful young woman with a religious passion that borders on obsession. Quickly her passion for her faith becomes entangled in a growing attraction to the new priest. When the priest crosses the line that seperates temptation from sin, he finds himself torn between the devine and the carnal, the righteous and the unjust.
DVD 3188
Don't be afraid of the dark
Sally and Alex Farnham (Kim Darby, Jim Hutton) have inherited a lovely old Victorian home that harbors a deadly secret. In the bowels of a closed-off room lurks a horde of hideously evil creatures, just waiting for a chance to get out--to claim their next victim. Curiosity gets the best of Sally and she unlocks a forbidden door in the downstairs study. Suddenly violent poltergeists are able to roam the house in the dark--and their target is their liberator.
DVD 7898
Ian Fleming's From Russia with love
James Bond travels to Istanbul to retrieve a top secret Soviet decoding machine, but his mission is put in jeopardy when he falls in love with a sexy Russian double agent.
DVD 6035
Ley de Herodes Herod's law /
The tiny town of San Pedro de los Saguaros needs a new Mayor, as the populace has assassinated several. As a reward for his party loyalty, the ruling governor gives hapless junk dealer Damián Alcázar the post. An honest if idealistic man, Vargas arrives with his beautiful, ambitious wife Gloria. Picked for his stupidity, he quickly discovers that bribes, blackmail, gratuitous fines, and other abuses of authority are the only way to get things done, and soon transforms himself from ineffectual stooge to paragon of corruption--or, a successful politician. Along the way, he encounters a surly madam, a moralizing doctor, a mercenary priest, and an opportunistic gringo. He justifies his actions with a motto learned from his party leader, who quotes Herod's Law, which is (if somewhat reworded), "Either you screw them or you get screwed."
DVD 10054
Mundo maravilloso Wonderful world /
Once upon a time, Juan Pérez, the poorest of the poor, reaches fame in a fluke accident in what seemed to be an attempt of suicide, to protest against the government and his social condition. The Ministry of Economy, surrounded by the scandal in which he is blamed by Pérez's decision, decides to reward him changing his life giving him a little house, a car and a job. But when other poor people (Pérez's close friends) find out about his reversal of fortune, decide to imitate him faking suicide attempts in different buildings in Mexico City.
DVD 10053
Pasión según Berenice The passion according to Berenice /
Berenice, a brooding young widow scarred by the fire that mysteriously took her husband's life, becomes the caretaker of her ailing godmother. There she falls in love with her godmother's handsome doctor and becomes involved in passion and intrigue.
DVD 3070
Treasure of the Amazon
Treasure of the Amazon: Brutal headhunters, killer piranhas, and other unscrupulous treasure seekers are the formidable opponents of three greedy fortune hunters in search of the treasure of the Amazon. Island of lost souls: A woman is raped by a government official, resulting in her taking her own life. Her young husband kills the rapist and is sent to a desolate and inhumane island, where he is put to the ultimate test. Best seller by Jose Leon Sanchez, which relates the twenty years of imprisonment during which he lived on the Island of Lost Souls. The brutality of the events, nakedly narrated in the book, propelled the novel to major success in Latin America, and later to receive worldwide acclaim. The film adaptation of the heart-wrenching story went on to break box office records in Mexico, the film's country of origin. Originally released a s a motion picture in 1974.
DVD 5381