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(August 04, 2015 - September 03, 2015)

Political Science

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Why elections fail by Norris, Pippa. (New York : Cambridge University Press, 2015)
Bailey/Howe Cataloging JF1001 .N66 2015
Aadhaar : gender, identity and development by Kelkar, Govind, 1939- (New Delhi : Academic Foundation in association with Heinrich Bòˆll Stiftung, 2014)
Bailey/Howe Books (3rd Floor) JC596.2.I4 A23 2014
Agenda for the nation : an untold story of the UPA government by Bhargava, Pushpa M. (Ahmedabad : Mapin Pub., 2014)
Bailey/Howe Cataloging JQ281 .B43 2014
Citizenship by Balibar, Etienne, 1942- (Malden, MA : Polity Press, 2015)
Bailey/Howe Books (3rd Floor) JF801 .B35 2015
Different kind of democracy? : debates about democracy and the European Union (New York, NY : Open Society Foundations, 2015)
Bailey/Howe Cataloging JN40 .D54 2015
E-government and websites : a public solutions handbook (New York : Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2015)
Bailey/Howe Books (3rd Floor) JF1525.A8 E1975 2015
Feminist and human rights struggles in Peru : decolonizing transitional justice by Bueno-Hansen, Pascha, (Chicago : University of Illinois Press, 2015)
Bailey/Howe Books (3rd Floor) JC599.P4 B845 2015
Historical justice and memory (Madison, Wisconsin : The University of Wisconsin Press, 2015-2015)
Bailey/Howe Cataloging JC578 .H567 2015
Politics in crisis? by Politics in Crisis? (2013 : Nottingham, England), (Newcastle upon Tyne : Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2015)
Bailey/Howe Books (3rd Floor) JA35.5 .P65 2013
Navigating austerity : currents of debt along a South Asian river by Bear, Laura, (Stanford, California : Stanford University Press, 2015)
Bailey/Howe Cataloging HJ8782 .B43 2015
Living with the AK-47 : militancy and militants in Hezbollah's resistance movement by Saramifar, Younes, (Newcastle upon Tyne : Cambridge Scholars, 2015)
Bailey/Howe Books (3rd Floor) JQ1828.A98 S27 2015
Liberty and equality : the American conversation (Lawrence : University Press of Kansas, 2015)
Bailey/Howe Cataloging JC599.U5 L474 2015
Keeping faith with human rights by Hogan, Linda, 1964- (Washington, D.C. : Georgetown University Press, 2015)
Bailey/Howe Cataloging JC571 .H595 2015
Do all persons have equal moral worth? : on 'basic equality' and equal respect and concern (Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2015)
Bailey/Howe Books (3rd Floor) JC575 .D6 2015
We do not fear anarchy, we invoke it : the First International and the origins of the anarchist movement by Graham, Robert, 1958- (Oakland, CA, USA : AK Press, 2015)
Bailey/Howe Books (3rd Floor) HX828 .G73 2015
We cannot escape history : states and revolutions by Davidson, Neil, 1957- (Chicago, Illinois : Haymarket Books, 2015-2015)
Bailey/Howe Books (3rd Floor) JC491 .D39 2015
Socialist imperative : from Gotha to now by Lebowitz, Michael A., (New York : Monthly Review Press, 2015)
Bailey/Howe Cataloging HX73 .L4168 2015
Give us the ballot : the modern struggle for voting rights in America by Berman, Ari, (New York : Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2015)
Bailey/Howe Cataloging JK1846 .B47 2015
Conservative heart : how to build a fairer, happier, and more prosperous America by Brooks, Arthur C., 1964- (New York, NY : Broadside Books, an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers, 2015)
Bailey/Howe Books (3rd Floor) JC573.2.U6 B77 2015
Anarchy, state, and utopia : an advanced guide by Hunt, Lester H., 1946- (Chichester, West Sussex, UK ; Malden, MA : John Wiley & Sons Inc., 2015)
Bailey/Howe Cataloging JC571 .H795 2015
Leidenschaft und Ordnung : romantiker und realisten by Wittkowski, Wolfgang. (Frankfurt am Main, Germany : Peter Lang GmbH, 2015)
Bailey/Howe Books (3rd Floor) JA71 .W58 2015
Political consultants and American elections : hired to fight, hired to win by Johnson, Dennis W. (New York, NY : Routledge, 2015)
Bailey/Howe Cataloging JK2281 .J625 2015
Destiny of democracy : the Civil Rights Summit at the LBJ presidential library by Updegrove, Mark K., (Austin, TX : The Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin, 2015)
Bailey/Howe Books (3rd Floor) JC599.U62 A97 2015
Seeing things politically : interviews with Benedicte Delorme-Montini by Manent, Pierre. (South Bend, Indiana : St. Augustines Press, 2014)
Bailey/Howe Cataloging JA71 .M26413213 2014
Forging trust communities : how technology changes politics by Wu, Irene S. (Baltimore : Johns Hopkins University Press, 2015)
Bailey/Howe Cataloging JF799.5 .W8 2015
Human right to citizenship : a slippery concept (Philadelphia : University of Pennsylvania Press, 2015)
Bailey/Howe Cataloging JF801 .S546 2015
Immigrants against the state : Yiddish and Italian anarchism in America by Zimmer, Kenyon, 1980- (Urbana, Illinois : University of Illinois Press, 2015)
Bailey/Howe Books (3rd Floor) HX843 .Z56 2015
On democracy by Dahl, Robert A., 1915-2014, (New Haven : Yale University Press, 2015-1998)
Bailey/Howe Books (3rd Floor) JC423 .D2497 2015
Less perfect union : the case for states' rights by Freedman, Adam. (New York, NY : Broadside Books, an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers, 2015)
Bailey/Howe Books (3rd Floor) JK311 .F74 2015
High title of a Communist : postwar party discipline and the values of the Soviet regime by Cohn, Edward. (DeKalb, IL : Northern Illinois University Press, 2015)
Bailey/Howe Cataloging JN6598.K55 C64 2015
Conservative heroes : fourteen leaders who shaped America, from Jefferson to Reagan by Tucker, Garland S. (Wilmington, DE : Intercollegiate Studies Institute, 2015)
Bailey/Howe Books (3rd Floor) JC573.2.U6 T84 2015
Civil resistance today by Schock, Kurt, 1963- (Cambridge, UK : Polity Press, 2015)
Bailey/Howe Books (3rd Floor) JC328.3 .S375 2015
Citizens of a common intellectual homeland : the transatlantic origins of American democracy and nationhood by Mattes, Armin. (Charlottesville : University of Virginia, 2015)
Bailey/Howe Cataloging JC421 .M397 2015
Practicing democracy : popular politics in the united states from the constitution to the civil war (Charlottesville : University of Virginia Press, 2015)
Bailey/Howe Cataloging JK2260 .P73 2015

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